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5 Inventions That Were Born By Accident!

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People work extremely hard to create something. They sacrifice everything just to achieve their goals. They sometimes even dedicate their whole life to it. They don’t do it for fame, they do it for curiosity. Their thirst of getting to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the way something works or behaves gets them through even the toughest of the times very easily. Sometimes, they achieve their goals and sometimes, they fail miserably. But in the third case, they accidentally invent something totally different without hoping for it. There have been some inventions in the past of the third kind and here are those!

5 Accidental Inventions


Accidental Inventions DynamiteAlfred Nobel, a scientist who was working with Nitro-glycerine which is a dangerous unstable explosive. And one day, when transporting Nitro-glycerine, one packed can from the create containing clay fell out and got mixed with nitro-glycerine. Thus, Nobel figured that it was a good idea to mix nitro-glycerine with clay without hindering the explosive power of nitro-glycerine. He patented the accidental invention and thus, dynamite was born.


Accidental Inventions InsulinYes! This life saving invention was somewhat an indirect discovery. How lucky are the people who use it today! Insulin was mistakenly invented when two doctors were trying to study how pancreas affect the process of digestion. They had removed a dog’s pancreas and when they saw after some days, flies were swarming over the dog’s urine. And when they texted the dog’s urine, it contained sugar. They soon realized that by removing pancreas, they had actually given the dog diabetes. They never knew what actually pancreas did to regulate the level sugar in blood. But, years and series of experiments later, they finally were able to isolate a pancreatic secretion that they called insulin. Thus, turning diabetes from a certain death into a treatable condition.

Vulcanized rubber

Accidental Inventions Vulcanized RubberCharles Goodyear spent years trying to make rubber immune to heat and cold. After another failed day of trying, when he was turning the lights off, he mistakenly spilled rubber, lead and sulphur onto a stove resulting in the birth of vulcanised rubber.

Coca Cola

Accidental Inventions Coca ColaWhether you have a party, a game day, friends gathering or just a boring educational lecture, this evergreen drink was actually created by mistake! A pharmacist John Pemberton who was also a civil war veteran, actually created this recipe (which also contained cocaine) to use it as a medication in the war. It got so famous that the ingredients were revised and made drinkable for everyone as a soft drink.

Potato Chips

Accidental Inventions InsulinIt was 1853 when George Crum in New York accidentally invented potato chips when a customer kept sending his French fries back because they were way too soggy. Annoyed George decide to teach the customer a lesson by cutting the fries extra slim, frying it to make it crispy and dipping it in salt. The customer loved it and that’s how potato chips were invented right then and there.

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