Who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 10 on first week?

Who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 10 on first week?

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Bigg Boss is back with its tenth season and we are back with our eviction predictions as usual. This time Bigg Boss has invited commoners to the house alongside celebrities. And first week of the show has been very interesting so far. This week, two celebrities and two commoners are nominated for eviction. Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa are celeb nominations and Manoj Punjabi (Manu) and Priyanka Jagga are nominations from the commoners. Who do you think out of these four will get eliminated from the show this week? Find out.

Who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 10 on first week?

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga Bigg Boss evictionPriyanka Jagga hails from the commoners team and the way she has created drama inside the house in first week, she is not going anywhere! Priyanka Jagga has a very long way to go. She is one of the probable finalists of the show. So she is safe from first nomination for sure.

Manoj Punjabi

Manoj Punjabi Bigg Boss evictionManoj Punjabi also hails from the commoners, and he is also here to stay. The way he has given content on first week to the show, I’m sure he is not going to get evicted in first week. I also see Manoj in one of the finalists of the show. So he is safe from first nomination.

Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav Chopra Bigg Boss EvictionGaurav Chopra belongs to the celeb team. He hasn’t provided any high voltage drama to the show yet, but I’m sure he is one of the strongest contestants from the celeb camp. Gaurav may not have performed well in first week, but looking at the way he has performed in first week, I’m sure he can┬ábring a lot of colors to the show. So he is safe from first elimination as well.


Monalisa Bigg Boss EvictionCeleb contestant from South India, Monalisa has failed to generate content on first week. She was rarely seen in first two days. And has not given much content even on the days forward. Out of all four nominations of week one, Monalisa is clearly the weakest link. And I am sure, Monalisa will be seen leaving the show on 23 or 24th October 2016.

We have been predicting Bigg Boss evictions since last five seasons and our success ratio is 75% so far. Meaning 4 out of 5 of our eviction predictions have turned out to be true on average. We will be publishing predictions till the finale. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for more exclusive insights from Bigg Boss. And don’t forget to add your views in comments below.

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