Bigg Boss 10 Premier Review: Hit or Flop?

Bigg Boss 10 Premier Review: Hit or Flop?

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The first episode of the tenth season of the most popular Indian TV reality show has been aired and Twitter has started reacting to it. Twitterati doesn’t look much impressed by the contestants of Bigg Boss 10. In fact, most are disappointed after the launch episode. They seem to have a problem digesting the fact that commoners are also part of the show this time.

Majority of the show lovers feel that Bigg Boss 10 will not be a hit season. But Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar thinks completely otherwise. Dale is no regular publicist when it comes to Bigg Boss. He is considered to be a specialist with reality television, as he has handled the media for a 20 celeb contestants who have been on the show earlier including Rakhi Sawant, Sambhavna Seth, Vindu Dara Singh, Rahul Mahajan, Ashmit Patel, Sonali Raut, Amar Upadhyay, Aman Verma, Mandana Karimi and more.

Today, the publicist put up a post on social media saying that “Bigg Boss 10 will be the biggest hit of all seasons from the commercial standpoint.” We were surprised and contacted him to know more and here is what he had to say.

“I see a major paradigm shift from past seasons in Bigg Boss 10. As we know, until now, only celebrities were invited to participate on the show, and most of them were based out of Mumbai. But this time, in the name of commoners or aam aadmi, show has invited participants from across the country. There are people from Mumbai, Kolkata, Kashmir, Delhi, Jodhpur and Gurgaon.”

“So now, viewers from each city or state will start connecting with participants belonging to their cities or state. They will start defending their favourites which will soon culminate in a great war of pride and chaos on the internet. This will ultimately result in more anxiety, more sleepless nights on social media, more controversies, more eyeballs, more votes and more monies.”

“After all, real success is all about the monies. I feel this is the best strategic move taken by the show so far. Its a foolproof business module which will go a long way in increasing the reach and business for Bigg Boss.”

He further added, “Don’t be surprised if you see commoners in all seasons from now. And it is also a possibility that in future, the makers could introduce two separate shows, one featuring celebrities and the other having commoners; just like Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother in UK.”

Twitterati are finding it hard to decide their favorite contestants, but they seem to have picked their least-favorite contestants. Most of the Twitterati are already pissed off with Swami Om and Lokesh Kumari. While Twitter is busy criticizing Lokesh Kumari, Dale feels that she has the potential to go a long way. He sees Lokesh Kumari as “one of the most amusingly interesting contestants” of this season.

We feel, VJ Bani and Karan Mehra have turned out to be the most loved contestants on Twitter after the first episode, while Rahul Dev has not evoked the desired interest. Only time will tell who are going to stay on and who will say goodbye to the show before the grand finale.

BuddyBits has been predicting eliminations for quite a long time now, out of which 75% have turned out to be correct. Our first prediction will be posted right after the nomination episode, which means tonight. Keep checking BuddyBits for exclusive bits from Bigg Boss Season 10.

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