10 Awesome Facts about Eggs

10 Awesome Facts about Eggs

How cute are they? Perfectly oval shaped. It sometimes comes with a super white shell and sometimes, light brown shell. But they are just delicious and if you ate one egg, you can’t just stay without eating another one. But there a lot more to eggs what just meets the eyes. And here is all of it!


If you eat an egg raw, you only absorb half of the proteins in it than eating it completely cooked.


China is well known to make replica of almost everything and same goes for the eggs too. The fake eggs that are made by china are becoming a problem now. They are made of resin, coagulant and starch complete with pigment for color as well as a real looking fake shell. They are so easy and quick to make that one person can make approximately 1500 of them per day.


In 1912, three men set to find emperor penguins eggs from Antarctica. The cold was so teeth chattering that due to the chattering of one man’s teeth, one of the three eggs broke. When they returned to UK, National History Museum refused to accept the eggs.


Eggs are known to carry salmonella bacteria. But the chances are immensely slim. Out of every 20,000 eggs, only 1 has a probability of carrying the bacteria.


When a hen lays her egg and sits on them to provide warmth, the hen turns the egg almost 50 times so that the yolk inside the egg won’t stick to the side walls.


The term Easter egg chicken actually came from a breed of Araucana chicken which lays Blue, Green, Pink and Brown eggs.


It rarely happens but a chicken can lay egg with another egg within it.


You can just tell how healthy the egg by the color of the shell. It can be only judged by knowing the breed of the hen which laid it. White eggs are usually laid by white colored hens and brown eggs are mostly laid by brown colored hens.


Eggs have a good shelf life, but if you are in doubt about egg being good, take a strong whiff of it and if you are offended by the foul smell, you better throw it in the thrash.


Egg contains about 0.6% of your recommended cholesterol intake and it doesn’t not at all stable a risk to cause heart diseases.

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10 Awesome Facts about Eggs

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