10 Facts about Fafda Jalebi

10 Facts about Fafda Jalebi

Every year, as we say our good byes to Navratri, we welcome the joyous celebration of Dussehra. And with Dussehra comes delicious treat of about Fafda Jalebi. Starting Dussehra with Fafda Jalebi has been a tradition, and this tradition goes way back. As a child I always wondered that why packets of Fafda Jalebi are there in my house whenever Navratri ends, and I was always told ‘It’s a tradition’, I was never able to figure out why, so instead, I used to enjoy it. So as we have come to an end of the glorious 9 days of Navratri, we have brought 9 facts about Fafda-Jalebi that you should know.

1. A treat for ending the 9 days long fast

Ever wondered why did we always start Dusserha with Fafdas? There is a mythological reason behind it. It was said the every fast should be broken with a dish made of gram flour. And Fafdas being a common gram flour dish, became popular for ending the 9 day long fast of Navratras. And Jalebis were considered as Lord Rama’s favorite desert.

2. Cure for Migraines

It is scientifically proven that Jalebis dunked in milk is a sure shot remedy for curing Migraines.

3. Keeps Human body Fit.

Products made out of Gram Flour also known as Besan, are considered helpful in keeping human body fit and healthy, if consumed occasionally.

4. Jalebi = Zublia

Jalebi is also known as Zulbia. Jalebi name was actually derived from an Arabic word Zulabiya.

5. Too much of anything is dangerous.

Products of Besan may help in keeping the human body fit, but consuming it on a daily basis may result in laziness and fatigue. Always remember, everything is good when the limits are not crossed.

6. A beauty that kills.

Jalebis, are good only when they are considered as a desert. Jalebi is made out of Refined Wheat also known as Maida. Maida is not so good for a human stomach to consume in a larger amount. Consuming too much Maida may cause digestion problems.

7. Energy Supply.

Limited consumption of Jalebis helps in keeping the human body active and gives us the energy to meet the changes in weather/ seasons.

8. Result = Laziness, Reason = Too much oil

Jalebis and Fafdas are deep fried in oil before they are served and it is a common fact that excessive oil may harm human bodies and make them weak.

9. Blood Sugar Level normalizes

After long 9 days of Navratri Fast, the blood sugar levels in a human body decreases due to less or no consumption of healthy food. Fafdas-Jalebis spike the blood sugar levels in a human body and gives instant energy, which is required after 9 long days of Fast.

10. Variations

There are popular variations of Jalebi which are known as Imarti and Jahangiri which are made from Urad flour instead of Besan. There variations are consumed and popular in different festivals such as Holi.

Navratri has come to an end, Each and every Indian is going to have Fafda-Jalebi today, go and buy some for yourself, Limited Stocks people, Limited Stocks. But remember, anything in excess, does greater harm than we know.

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10 Facts about Fafda Jalebi

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