Movie Review: Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish

Movie Review: Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish

I was really excited to watch Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish since I saw the trailer. One of the reasons was that the film is made on my favorite genre, suspense thriller. And when I finally saw the movie, I was overwhelmed. I was unable to think for couple of minutes. I was not able to digest the fact that the film which I saw was a Gujarati film. Yes! Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish is certainly one of the best Gujarati films of the year.

Direction of the film by Naitik Raval is good. Performance by entire cast is amazing. Gaurav Paswala has done a great job. Sneha Devganiya has done a brilliant job! I couldn’t believe that this is her first film. Sneha Devganiya’s performance is clearly the best performance I have seen in Gujarati cinema so far! Screenplay of the film written by Akshay Paniker and Naitik Raval; and don’t be surprised if the film wins awards for the best screenplay of the year. Story of the film is entirely fresh and experimental! I have rarely seen this kind of film even in Bollywood. Suspense after suspense, this film will certainly make your eyes glued to the screen till the climax. Music of the film is beautifully composed by Mehul Surti. Music is one of the strongest assets of the film. It has only two songs, but I’m sure you will add both of them in your playlist after watching the film.

The most brilliant thing about Je Pan Kahish e Sachuj Kahish is that the film is made with very very limited cast and sets. The movie has total cast of 6 to 7 actors and out of which two leads share the screen 90% of the film. 95% of the film is shot at a single location! How makers have done a brilliant storytelling with this limited resources is an example for those filmmakers who want to make big budget films with all the glamour and high profile celebs.

First half of the film is a little bit slow paced. But the second half will take you to a thriller ride into the world of Dhaval and Leeza. Climax of the film is written brilliantly. If we ignore couple of flaws, this is one of the best Gujarati films of 2016.

Je Pan Kahish e Sachuj Kahish is a very bold and brave attempt, which I’m sure will win with flying colors. A big congratulations to director Naitik Raval for attempting this very different kind of film and the producer Rohan Shah for believing in such ‘out of the box’ idea. If you really want to see more Gujarati thrillers, go watch this film, spread the word, send your friends to watch it and encourage filmmakers to come up with more and more genre besides drama and comedy. Je Pan Kahish e Sachuj Kahish is ‘out of the box’ film in true sense! Highly recommended from BuddyBits.

Nishit Jariwala
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