Mandeep Singh Basran Businessman to Actor

Mandeep Singh Basran: Businessman to Actor

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What happens when a businessman decides to pursue his interest for acting alongside his business? Meet Mandeep Singh Basran, who decided to pursue his interest and got his first film Lavari as a lead actor.

Our Conversation with Mandeep Singh Basran

Tell us something about you and your childhood.

Mandeep Singh Basran: I am a 26 years old businessman by profession and an actor by passion. I love enjoying my life to its best.

My childhood has been very delightful and amazing like everyone. Being the youngest kid in the family, I was the naughtiest!

Describe yourself in just 5 words.

Mandeep Singh Basran: Workaholic, Dedicated, Helper, Foodie and Yaaro ka yaar perfectly describe me.

You are a businessman, how did becoming an actor/ model happen?

Mandeep Singh Basran: It was a dream come true when one day my friend Kunal Bhatia called me up and asked to visit Mumbai for an audition. Somehow, I missed it but luckily there were auditions in Surat too after some days. So I went for it and got selected!

Was becoming an actor/ model an easy transformation from being a businessman?

Mandeep Singh Basran: No, not at all! As being a businessman, you are the boss and you work up to 8 hours a day. Whereas, being an actor. You work for 14 – 16 hours a day. Being in this profession is not easy as it needs commitment and sheer dedication, keeping in mind what the directors and producers want from you.

Who has been your support and motivation system?

Mandeep Singh Basran: My support and motivation system are my family, friends and obviously crew members of my film Lavari.

Tell us about your experience with Lavari.

Mandeep Singh Basran: It was a great but challenging experience for me. Being a Punjabi boy, I had to speak and act in Gujarati. But it was not difficult as my crew really made me comfortable and supported me throughout the shooting.

How does it feel being a lead in your debut film?

Mandeep Singh Basran: It feels amazing as I had never expected that I’ll get a movie and that too with a lead character! I consider myself fortunate enough to have got this role. My sincere thanks to the almighty, my director and producers for believing in me and giving me a chance.

Give us a glimpse about your role.

Mandeep Singh Basran: I am a 2-3 year old mature married man who enjoys life fully with his friends while on the other hand he and his wife share a different phase of life. But in the end he realises that in difficult situation, only your life partner is needed the most.

If you get a chance to work in a Bollywood movie, opposite which actress would you want to do and why?

Mandeep Singh Basran: I would like to work with Sonakshi Sinha as she is very talented and brilliant as an actress. I will also get to learn a lot from her.

What do you think about BuddyBits?

Mandeep Singh Basran: This is a wonderful platform which is helping rise talent like me to interact with the world through the informative articles. It is a great initiative, I must say!

Thank you Mandeep. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. And we look forward to see you on big screens in Lavari on 4th November. Check out more such interviews in our People section.

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