16 Amazing Facts about Marilyn Monroe

16 Amazing Facts about Marilyn Monroe

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She was young, adventurous, mysterious, gorgeous, sumptuous. She was an achiever, an acting virtuoso. All of us know these things about Marilyn Monroe, here are some of the facts that are unknown to many!

Unknown facts about Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe had a habit of faltering. Whenever she was too nervous or overly excited, she used to falter a lot! She never did it in public except once when she was shooting her last (unfinished) film ‘Something’s Got to Give’.


The first time Marilyn posed nude was for Tom Kelly in 1949. She was paid $50 for it. Later when she came to limelight, Playboy owner Hugh Hefner paid $500 to purchase the negatives from Tom Kelly and published them in his Playboy Magazine.


It was an American-Russian talent agent Johnny Hyde that persuaded Marilyn to go for a nose and a chin surgery to make it look perfect.


She wore the perfume ‘Chanel No.5’. It was her favorite.


Monroe was never nominated for Academy Awards in spite of her great acting skills.


She converted to Judaism after getting married to an American playwright Arthur Miller. She was married and got divorced three times.


The Times of London stated that Marilyn was a size 10. But she was size 16.


She was a car admirer and owned plenty of them. Some of her cars were Model-I Ford-Hawthorne, Circa 1926-32, and a 1950 Pontiac convertible.


She had a front tooth sticking out of her mouth. She got it fixed by having a cosmetic surgery.


Before declaring her screen name as ‘Marilyn Monroe’ she almost went with the name ‘Jean Adair’.


Marilyn Monroe’s real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson.


The burial next to Marilyn Monroe’s grave is owned by Hugh Hefner. He bought it for about $78,000 in 1992.


Marilyn Monroe learnt Yoga from a Bollywood star Indra Devi.


People thought of her as a beautiful but a dumb blonde. But she had an IQ of 168 which was way above the average.


Twentieth Century Fox had fired Marilyn for her habit of being extremely late. They then hired her again just four days before her death. They paid her a whooping amount of about $1million.


She was a temptress. A princess. There will never be someone like her ever again. She ruled time and still rules our hearts!

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