10 Unusual Phobias You May Never Have Imagined!

10 Unusual Phobias You May Never Have Imagined!

Clowns are meant to make people happy. But some people have a strange phobia of clowns! Check out 10 such unusual phobias.2 min

The world is a beautiful place where everything is balanced. We love somethings and we hate somethings. Same is the thing with fear. We are scared of somethings. We all have fear within us. Every fear has a different name. Here are some unusual phobias you may never have imagined that exist.

10 Unusual Phobias

1. Deipnophobia

Some people are afraid to attend dinner parties, dining and dinner conversations. Well, why would someone be afraid of these?? The reasons yet unknown.

2. Sociophobia

Nobody likes to be judged by the society. Some people get too much negativity from the society that a fear develops in to face it every now and them.

3. Ablutophobia

Just like cats do not like to have a shower, the same way some people fear having a bath. Like how can a person fear having a bath??

4. Nomophobia

Did you know there is a phobia of losing a phone contact? Well, this is weird!

5. Gamophobia

This is the fear of getting married! Haha!

6. Barophobia

Excited to see people doing bungee jumping or air diving but you do not do it yourself…you have a fear of heights and gravity. But one should always have a thrilling experience in life. I am pretty sure that after this adventure, you will not fear heights anymore.

7. Heliophobia

People with this fear often have a Vitamin D deficiency as they tend to stay indoors. One can easily know that he/she fears the sun.

8. Chemophobia

This is a fear built in people who tend to eat a lot of greens in their diet or use organic things. They prefer organic and natural elements to chemicals.

9. Coulrophobia

This is generally seen in children where they fear the clown. Clowns are meant to be happy people and make you laugh. Some phobias are too sad.

10. Omniphobia

The condition of fearing everything and is often described as constantly dreading some vague and persistent unknown evil.

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