5 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Clean

5 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Clean

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Many people often have busy schedules during the week that can make it easy to neglect their apartment and allow it to become a mess. From clothes that become piled in the bedroom to dust that accumulates, the apartment can be difficult to clean each day. To ensure that the space is tidy and organized, there are a few important steps to take for a habitable home that is easy to live in. Or you could just order a home cleaning from NYC based Handy.com.

1. Schedule Chores Each Day

Instead of trying to tackle all of the chores at once, opt for completing one chore each day to ensure that the apartment is easier to manage. Consider mopping the floors on Monday, dusting on Tuesday, or cleaning the bathrooms on Wednesday for an easy way of staying on top of your cleaning routine.

2. Declutter Each Room

One of the main challenges of keeping your apartment clean is having too many personal belongings that are in a small space. It’s important to purge your home of unnecessary items that have not been used in the last year. You also want to avoid purchasing anything that you don’t really need until moving into a larger home.

3. Designate a Day for Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is needed once a month where you can get rid of dirt that can be difficult to remove with general cleaning. Schedule a day when you can wipe down the baseboards, bleach the grout and even vacuum underneath the beds. This will allow you to maintain the home throughout the year and ensure that each corner of the property is thoroughly cleaned when it’s needed.

4. Use Multi-functional Furniture

Prevent your apartment from looking cluttered by keeping your personal belongings hidden in discrete areas that are out of sight. You can keep board games or throw blankets in a trunk that is also used as a coffee table. A console with shelves can also store DVDs or books behind closed doors, which still offers plenty of access to the items.

5. File Paperwork Away

Remove paperwork that can pile up on your desk or countertop by filing away the documents in a cabinet that has dividers in place. You’ll also need a paper shredder to protect your personal information and discard papers that are no longer needed to ensure that everything stays organized and is easy to find.