Here is Why I Support Currency Ban, Despite Being Anti-Modi!

Here is Why I Support Currency Ban, Despite Being Anti-Modi!

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I have always been a staunch critic of Narendra Modi since he came to power. If you will ask my friends, they would call me someone who sees no good in this government. Well, on this 8th November, Narendra Modi banned 500 and 1000 rupees note and I was still doubtful about his decision.

Why didn’t he act against the 1.14 lakh crores of bad loans given to the corporate’s? Why his political party doesn’t support RTI? Doubts and conspiracy theories scummed my consciousness. My mind was waiving in one direction and my heart was throbbing in the other.

Then, I asked myself a few questions.

Is Modi responsible for all this? ‘Obviously, No’, said the mind.

Is doing something better than doing nothing? ‘Yes’, reflected my mind.

Is it easy to fight against a rampant corrupt system existing from 70 years? ‘No, No, that’s an almost impossible sort of thing’, was all my mind could reflect.

I’m not going to quote facts and data today and I really don’t want to. Who in this country, didn’t know that the ‘naxals’ and the ‘terrorists’ keep thousands of crores of cash extorted as levy and other illegal means? Who in this country, didn’t know that a major chunk of coaching mafias, doctors, businessmen and traders escape the realms of taxation and have crores of money all in cash, stored in their bedrooms apart from their investment in real estate and gold? Everyone knew this, you and I knew this but we all seemed helpless and hopeless.

It wasn’t and isn’t easy to fight against a system where these practices are unanimously accepted. We often lament about India; compare and contrast our country with the likes of America and England of which I have only read in textbooks.

No matter what the Harvard and Cambridge graduate economists are saying these days, talk to those people who have this illegal chunk of money. How desperate and helpless they are? Is it not giving nightmares to them? Ask them how they are trying to manage money in multiple accounts and still can’t find a way out.

This bolt has hit every hoarder of cash badly from politician, government officials, traders and terrorists. We all must have had a certain dream about India. My dear friends, during the Second World War, Winston Churchill appealed the Englishmen not to buy eggs as it would be supplied to the soldiers in war. Soon after that, people formed queue in front of grocery shops; not to buy eggs but to return the eggs. Patriotism and Nationalism sometimes takes test. This time would also pass soon.

We need to come forward and support our Prime Minister’s decision. Change in many parts of the world like China has came at a cost of dictatorship. We can be a part of this change by bearing some suffering for just 50 days. A lot of people are affected, no doubt some are badly affected by cash shortage but it’s not all the chaos that you see in the media.

Let’s help each other in the anticipation of a better tomorrow. Friends, reflect a time span in your life, when you did everything you possibly could but still couldn’t achieve the desired result. Sometimes, it’s the intention that matters the most, not the result.

Venkatesh Gupta
An engineer by chance; He is pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Galgotias University, Greater Noida. He is a political enthusiast and loves travelling.