How to Have a Comfortable Flight Journey?

How to Have a Comfortable Flight Journey?

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Love travelling but do not like the long and uncomfortable flight journeys? Long flights are always tiring and boring. At the end of the flight, you get jet-lagged and have no idea what to do. We have some ways which may help you avoid the discomfort and make your journey a joyful and comfortable one.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of fluids especially water is the best was to feel comfortable on the flight. Do not have too much of tea, coffee or alcohol. These 3 tend to dehydrate you so best thing to have is water.

Moisturize your Skin

The air in the cabin can be harsh on delicate skin. Keep a moisturizer handy and apply it at regular intervals.

Use Time Smartly

Indulge yourself in watching movies or listening to songs. Do not force yourself to do that just because you have plenty of free time. Instead, as you already know that it is going to be a long flight, plan things that you can do like carry 2-3 novels that you could not read at home or you can look for something relaxing like having a playlist of meditative tunes.


Wear comfortable clothes. Most of the time you will be sleeping on the flight. So why not wear clothes that a somewhere closer to your pajamas? No, I do not mean that your wear you sleeping teddy bear printed pajamas! But you can wear loose fitting clothes, like a loose shirt or t-shirt, comfortable pair of denims or maybe track pants and flat shoes. Also get a pair of soft socks in your handbag as you can wear them on flight as you will not be wearing shoes all time. These socks will come to your rescue instead of getting ice cold feet.

Minimize the noise

Carry a noise cancelling headphone with you. Flights do allow these headphones to be operated once it is flying. If your do not have headphones, you can carry earplugs.


Check with your seat in advance. See which one you prefer. A window seat where you can rest your head while sleeping or the aisle seat where you can use the aisle for walking when you get bored.


Try to carry as less things as you can in the cabin. Having a purse and a small hand bag is enough. Always try to get things a bit lesser then the weight you are allowed on one ticket.

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