5 Things You Can Do to Get Over your Crush

5 Things You Can Do to Get Over your Crush

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Two roads diverged in the wood, and I took the one leading to my crush- only it ended at unrequited love. And that has made all the difference.

While writing very bad poetry can be one of the things you do, having a crush on someone who won’t like you back can turn perfectly rational and smart human beings into cribbing, demanding, and stupid creatures. The ones who have really nice and polite friends who’ve listened to your story of how you “really thought you connected with him” a thousand times and have not mentioned it to you once, that he isn’t that cute. In fact, he is not cute at all. Love makes your heart do weird things and gets your brain convinced that drunk-dialling him is not a bad idea – but at some point in your life, something makes you realise that this has to stop. That maybe, your unrequited “love” has led you to obsession, has gotten you to have similar habits to that of an addict, and it is unhealthy to your life. At that point, we all want to go back, and as we look around for help, we find ourselves stumbling our way back to sanity. Here are some pointers to accelerate your van onto your path, and I hope it helps you get there faster. Here we present the things that you SHOULD do when you want to get over your crush:

1. Read hilarious articles online.

While the one on WikiHow is scaringly real and helpful, the others are somewhat emotional, in-your-face, or downright ridiculous and hilarious. When I went to them for my cure, I found myself laughing and then quickly Googling some of the authors (not advisable, can be termed as stalking). While it was hard to believe that these beautiful, witty people could also have faced something like I did, I found solace. As clichéd as it might be, Google for help. It might work for you too.

2. Find some wonderful playlists.

I found a carefully created playlist specifically designed to help you over this period- listen to those who created songs to help you! Some girl power, some nice dance songs, and some angry vents later, you’ll find yourself singing passionately and wondering why on earth were you fussing over this little human being when you could be the next finalist on The Voice or How Bad Can You Sing It? (totally fictional, but nice idea, huh?)

3. Call your friends and ask them to praise you.

Maybe not so directly, but if you tell them that you’d stop cribbing over your crush if they’d help you, I’m sure they’ll readily come up with a list! When I was down with this disease, I called up this wonderful guy friend and he described how my ideal guy should be- and I fell in love with his description, about how much I really deserve! They can show you the real picture, and can also cushion your blows for a while. They are the ones who know your crush, but without the rose-tinted glasses that you put on when you see him/her- and their opinion might open your eyes to how they really are. When they can respect you, and show you some love, you can expect that from the person for whom you’re meant to be, right? Talk to them. You’ll be filled with self-love at the end of it.

4. Write about them.

Be it a paragraph, or a few pages, or more- take it all out. Let no thoughts remain that swirl and create a fictional world of you and your crush, and no lingering doubts should remain. Write your questions. Write your answers. Your insecurities, your emotions, your breaking, aching heart- get it all out till you’re empty. It might take more than one go, but trust it to work. And soon you’ll be empty enough to focus on other things but them, and feel much better now that you’ve taken them out. You can burn the papers or publish them- up to you- but putting that part out of your mind is what is essential.

5. Love Yourself.

While it may be difficult to believe you’re beautiful or that you might find love someday after this happens, there are signs around you which work on making you believe that the world loves you. It might be your photographer friend clicking amazing candids that you look at during your doubtful nights, or conversations with your friends at the back of your notebook. It may be another cute stranger giving you the look of interest as you look behind you and confirm it for yourself, or it can be your family greeting you with food when you come back after a long day. The first step to loving yourself is accepting that you are capable of love, and when you recognize these signs of love, trust them to bring you back to sanity and peace. Let your world revolve around praises for a while. Then, praise yourself. Fall in love with yourself till the right one for you comes along.

Heema Joshi

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