7 Essential Makeup Tips for Busy Nurses

7 Essential Makeup Tips for Busy Nurses

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Nursing is a demanding profession, and nurses rarely have time for makeup. And yet as professionals, they must appear well-groomed every time they show up for work. Most institutions will have strict rules regarding jewelry and makeup, and it can sometimes be difficult to stay within these guidelines without looking bland. However, there are some simple things nurses can do to achieve a nice natural look without looking gaudy. Here are a few of them:

1. Be Moderate

Applying makeup in moderation is not just a good tip for nurses, but for all women in general. If you’re presently getting your MSN to DNP online or otherwise, keep this tip in mind once you enter the workforce. Most nurse practitioner doctorate degrees will have modules dedicated to proper etiquette, and these are essential. If you’re going to put makeup, go for just a little and make sure that it matches your skin tone.

2. Apply Foundation Using a Brush

Remember that with nurses, time is of the essence. So use a makeup brush to apply foundation faster and more easily. The foundation will blend with the skin tone better and last longer. Try to use upward strokes to avoid creating fine lines that will smudge as the day progresses.

3. Eye Shadow Should Be a Neutral Tone

A neutral or earth tone eye shadow is almost unnoticeable and still keeps your eyes glowing. For dark eyelids, use pale vanilla or beige. Nude colors also work well. But if your eyelids are light colored, go for dark beige or light brown.

4. Use Mascara or Eyeliner

Mascara and eyeliner make your eyes more distinct and attractive. Eyeliner is especially handy if you are still tired from a night shift and have to go to work again. It will make your eyes brighter and give them more definition as well. Dark shades like brown, but not too dark, will usually do the trick. Next, apply waterproof mascara and you’re done.

5. Apply Blush-on

Although blush-on can sometimes fade quickly, go on and apply it as well. You will get an alert and glowing look. Select a brown berry shade if you have a darker complexion and neutral rose if you complexion is lighter. Do not forget to re-apply the blush during the day.

6. Cover Dark Circles around Your Eyes

It’s perfectly normal for nurses to look tired after long shifts, and the effects are often very visible. Eye bags come with the job. But getting rid of them is easy. All it takes is a concealer. Just swipe some under your eyes. Using a darker foundation over the bags is also just as effective.

7. Apply Some Powder on Lipstick

Many nurses prefer lip balm to lipstick when they’re on the job. However, using lipstick is fine provided you use matte colors. If your favorite color is not available in matte, apply loose powder over your lipstick. The powder will give it a matte effect and make it last longer.

Nurses are often too busy to even apply makeup. However, many nurses still don’t like going barefaced to work. But, if you follow the tips in this article, you should get nice results without compromising too much.

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