Movie Review: Passport

Movie Review: Passport

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Anna, a student from USA lands in Ahmedabad for the research on Indian heritage. During her visit, she meets Kabir at her host college. During her visit, she loses her passport. And the chase to get the passport back begins. Story of the film is not unique. But screenplay of the film makes it one of the best films of this year.

Malhar Thakar, Ujjaval Dave, Lipi Goyal have given very good performances. Anna Ador has come out as a big surprise. Generally foreign characters don’t get much lines in films. But Anna Ador is given full justice as a female lead, script-wise. And even Anna has given full justice to the role by brilliant performance. One scene where she is talking to her mother shows her remarkable acting skills. One of the strongest performances we’ve seen in Gujarati cinema this year.

Jayesh More takes the cake. Jayesh More has played Kalakar (thief) in the film brilliantly. And believe me, it is one of the best characters I’ve seen in Gujarati cinema so far. When Jayesh comes on screen, you can feel his presence. What a powerful performer! Don’t be surprised if he wins awards for best antagonist or best actor this year. Casting of the film is brilliant. Entire cast including Ashish Vashi have given full justice to their characters.

Situational comedy, witty one-liners, emotional scenes, chase sequences and love, Passport can take you to many places in just one ticket. Direction of the film by Rajesh Sharma and screenplay of the film are good.

Background score and music of the film by Mehul Surti are cherry on the top. Entire score is designed brilliantly, especially the background music comes when Kalakar enters. The film has 3 songs, all of them are written, composed and sung beautifully. ‘Awesome Amdavad’ is probably the first Gujarati song with a Sufi touch.

Climax is a bit indigestible but it will surely leave a big smile on your face. Excellent casting, powerful performances, brilliant music and very good direction make Passport one of the best Gujarati films of 2016. It is a perfect family entertainer. Don’t wait, go and watch Passport now. Highly recommended by BuddyBits.

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