5 Little Changes You Need To Do For A Healthier Lifestyle!

5 Little Changes You Need To Do For A Healthier Lifestyle!

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You may be perfectly fit and happy already but have you ever thought how the food you eat or the lifestyle you live affect you in the long term? We travel, we eat, we enjoy our lives without any boundaries, but there are some concealed boundaries that you may wanna stay under if you wanna live a healthier life! It’s okay really, to break the rules and go all out and eat and do everything that comes to you, but once you are done with it, you gotta come back to the rules! Because, staying healthy needs dedication and discipline! So, here we with the little additions and subtractions you can make to your food habits and lifestyle!

1. Potassium

They are great for your heart! Studies have proved that minerals like potassium are so immensely propitious for your heart’s health and can cut down the risk of stroke upto 20%. You can top up your body’s potassium by eating rich sources of potassium like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, Yoghurt, Milk, Salmon Fish and umpteen more!

2. Seafood

God has handed out us with a huge treasure in the seas that is myriads of sea food! When a research was conducted in a certain region, 70% of the people were found having small or large amounts of fat deposits in the body. They all agreed to consume a traditional food full of fatty fishes like Salmon fish, sardines etc. but the staggering revelation was to find the absence or a very negligible percentage of triglycerides and a protein named C- reactive protein which are known case of increase in the risk of heart strokes. So if you eat seafood, you’re always getting healthy even if it does not reflect on your waist line!

3. Vitamin Pills

Biotechnology may have outrun time but these pills you take as a shortcut than exercising and staying healthy, not good! People often use these pills to get away with a quick health top because most of them usually don’t have time from their hyper busy schedule. Studies have found that these Vitamin pills offer very minute or don’t at all offer any protection. It’s better to just eat good food and stay healthy!

4. Distance yourself from your cellphone

It’s obviously great to play Pokémon Go and Color Switch on your gizmos but then it’s not really good to keep in physical touch with the phone all day round. Phones effuse radiations that are harmful to your body and also to honeybees. Remember, when Einstein said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

5. Sleep!

This one is a bummer. It’s not about just working hard and stay moving to achieve a good health. Yes, sure, you may get a good toned body if you work hard and everything, but that’s not all of staying healthy and fit. Mental health is equally important as physical heath and that comes from a sound peaceful sleep! Yoga is also proved to be much beneficial to enhance mental health. A study once found out that about a shocking 7% of sleep deprived people dozed while driving. So,  sleep well, stay well!

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