Things that are Making you a Cyber Criminal!

Things that are Unknowingly Making You a Cyber Criminal!

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You don’t have to do so much online to get into the eyes of all the intelligence agencies. There are so many common things that you may be doing inadvertently that might get you into legal vexation. Check out the most common mistakes people do one and end up breaking the law. Read them and avoid them!

Downloading illegal music or any pirated content.

Many of us wish to our core to find that one song that you love the most, but it is nowhere to be found on the internet. So then, you go to other unauthorized sites that host the illegal content and you download it from there. As soon as you click that download button, BAM! you’re guilty of intellectual property crime right away. It comes under copyright laws and these laws differ from country to country. If a friend sends you something that is legal in his country but is illegal in your country, you’re under the law and committing the crime of downloading restricted content. India, it’s illegal to download copyrights violated or pirated content and can get you a jail time of minimum of seven days to three years along with fines ranging from thousands to lakhs, and even crores if the copyrights holder sues you.

Never defame or use explicit language.

Well, it may be all fun and games on Facebook, when you get involved into comment affrays with complete strangers over a silly topic that does not even matter. It may or may not feed your ego, but the absurd things you say in public on a social platform may get you in trouble. Facebook is a social platform and lets you share your opinions at lightning speeds. But when you use bad language, insult or defame someone, you’re committing a crime. The solution is to just think before posting any comment on social media about the way you would you feel if someone else said the same harsh thing to you.

Buying stolen goods

We all love to shop online on tons of websites available from thousands of sellers around the globe. But what if, the seller is not legit and offering you stolen goods or goods that are illegally stored. You cannot trust anybody when it comes to online trades and anyone could put you in the black-hole of crime when you are careless out there. So, in order to stay on the safer side of the law, make sure you scrutinize the seller and buy from an endorsed seller. Probe the legal paperwork and make sure you are buying an authentic and a legally distributed product.

Forums that break the laws

There are times when you are anxious to look for information. And when you keep looking, sometimes you even meet people with the same mindset! They all talk about the same things as the things you need help for but they are often anonymous. They never leave any trail behind them, no visible identity of them or anything but you get all impressed with them because they seem to solve your problem pretty well. You also get involved into forums not bothering to know their identity. In that forum, they do some illegal stuffs and break the rules and ZAP! you’re counted as a criminal too! It’s advisable to know about the person you are talking to on the internet or research little bit about the forums you are following or joining to stay clear form crime lines.

Identity theft

You may probably know about the phone calls you get asking about your bank account number, driving licence number, passport details etc. in return of a great product or bank deal. Never believe them and cut the call right away. Banks never ask for sensitive information on phone and even if they ask, you shouldn’t give because chances are, someone is tapping your phone. Never give your sensitive information to anyone online on phone as you can be the victim of identity theft. Someone one else can commit crime and that can be all on your name and for that, only you will be counted as a convict. So, stay aware and stay safe!

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