10 Reasons to read Everyone has a Story

10 Reasons to read ‘Everyone has a Story’

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Everyone has a Story, the title of the book itself says what we all long to say to the people who loved us, hated us and especially wanted to know us, in the duration of our life till date. The only question that could make one person fall for or hate the other is ‘What’s your story?’ and to be true, the answer is much more complex than we actually say it. The answer is filled with all the emotions known to us, and that answer has made us who we are. Savi Sharma, a simple girl from Surat, made us fall in love with her by her debut novel ‘Everyone has a story’. Personally, I LOVED IT, and here are the reasons why you should read it too.

1. The title – Everyone has a Story.

They say first impressions are important and this book didn’t fail to catch the eye. Title is so catchy and deep which makes it almost impossible to ignore. One of the main reasons for success of this book is its title.

2. Motivational lies, NO. Reality, YES.

‘Everyone has a story’ doesn’t lie to you just to motivate you. It actually narrates the truth of a specific life, a life that we all live. And I guess the truth is motivational enough.

3. Won’t you get lonely?

“Maybe. Maybe I will. But a person needs to learn how to be alone.”

This specific extract from the book gave me the chills. This dialogue made me realise that it’s okay to be alone. Yes, maybe I will get lonely, but I need to learn how to be alone.” This specific dialogue taught me a being alone is not a bad thing; It will make me independent of everything and more happy than I ever was.

4. Inspiration, on point.

This book consists of a bunch of inspirational dialogues that will make your life easier, or at least you will start understanding that you don’t need to stress yourself on what is happening, instead enjoy every second of everything that happens to and with you.

“When feelings are pure and the heart is true, even God is forced to change destiny.”

5. Friendship Lessons like nowhere else.

“Friends say goodbye to each other. Friends talk. Friends explain things. If your idea of friendship is just walking out one day, you need to go back to school and learn what it really means to have friends.”

6. You can understand Life in a New way.

This book is much more than an inspiring story. This book might just change your life forever.  Every small thing that we ignore in practical life are magnified and shown in a way that we can really understand it.

7. Book is for Binge Reader.

Sure there are many great books out there but only a few will get you so hooked up that reading it would be a necessity and this is one of them. From the start to the end there is no part where you will feel bored. In my experience ‘binge reading this book is not an option, it’s a necessity’.

8. Emotions are converted to language

One of the hardest parts of a writer’s job is to convert emotions to a language which people can feel and understand. Savi Sharma has done a remarkable work of putting a complex story in a way everyone can understand and feel

9. Dedicated to YOU.

This book is dedicated to you. Yes, you! This book belongs to every person who actually followed it till the end. Just like the characters in the book, Savi knows that even you have a story; even you did what you could during every situation or problem you had to face. And you did a great job.

10. Savi Sharma, The Final Nail in the Coffin.

Let’s just assume that you are not convinced by the above points (which is not likely possible) this will make sure that you buy this book first thing tomorrow. Everyone has a Story is India’s fastest selling debut novel with over 100,000 copies sold. This book is not for reading it’s for feeling the beauty of life that we ignore on day to day basis.

Savi Sharma made me understand life better. She made me realize that living a day, following your dreams is going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it. All I can say is Thank you. Savi Sharma, we love you.

If you haven’t read the book yet, click here and grab your copy now.

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