Reasons Why We Ship Harry Hermione

Reasons Why We Ship Harry-Hermione!

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J. K. Rowling gave us the beautiful gift of ‘The Harry Potter’ book and movie series. For most of us, it became a world of its own and we will always wait for our letter from Hogwarts. But not all dreams come true. Just like this, the couples in the series were the most loved ones, be it Ron-Hermione or Harry-Ginny. But somewhere inside, we always wanted Harry-Hermione to be a pair and make our dreams come true. But sadly, that didn’t take place. But even today we root for Harry-Hermione, and the reasons we ship this beautiful fantasy pair are as below…

1. They have a much better connection.

Harry and Hermione share a beautiful connection with each other than they do with Ron. Ginny on the other, wasn’t there from the first day itself, to share a bond with Harry. Hermione has been there with Harry, from DAY 0, and then she stayed forever.

2. We could see the smoke clearly (not literally)

By smoke we mean jealousy. Girls in Hogwarts were jealous of the bond Harry and Hermione shared. Even Cho Chang (remember her?) was jealous of them. And yeah, we know where there is smoke, there is fire.

3. Hottest kiss award goes to…

No matter the kiss between Harry and Hermione did not take place in their lives, even though it was just a vision, but the whole HP Movie Series was nowhere near hot until the Harry-Hermione kiss took place. Much better than any other kiss, eh?

4. Harry + Normal Girl = Neah!

Any other normal girl with Harry was a big NO. But Hermione was different, she was the savior, she was smart, intelligent, cute, helpful, and everything a guy would ever want. We would obviously not wish for anyone other than Hermione. Sorry, Ginny!

5. Ginny wasn’t there.

Already said, Ginny was never there with or for Harry during the earlier installments of HP Series. We knew that Ron had a sister named Ginny. But no one could ever imagine that Ginny-Harry would turn up to be a pair instead. From the first movie itself, we have always known, connected to, and loved Hermione.

Harry Hermione

No matter how good Harry and Ginny are with each other. In our hearts, we have always wanted and will always want Harry and Hermione to be together, always.

Sanjay Khubchandani
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