10 Facts About Masturbation

10 Facts About Masturbation

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As you are here, it means that either you are a person above 13 years of age who is just taking some precautions, Shabaash! Or you are someone who likes to read such articles. Well we are okay with it as long as you are above 18. Well it’s a popular saying that you should love yourself before you love someone else, and we have taken it way too seriously. Here, we have gathered 10 facts about masturbation, that may satisfy you a little (See what we did there :P)


If you are above 50, and a regular “pipe cleaner” it lowers your risk of prostate cancer, whereas, if you are below 50, frequent masturbation may be linked with increased risk of prostate cancer.


Masturbation has various health benefits, Stress management, lower chance of Type – 2 Diabetes and Insomnia.


May is considered as the National Masturbation Month, which was first celebrated in 1995. (meh, we celebrate it daily)


People who have sex regularly masturbate more than people who don’t. (waah!)


Orgasms from masturbation can strengthen your immune system. Days where we used to catch cold are long gone!


If you go at masturbating too bard, there are chances that you may fracture your own penis. (Yes, it is possible)


More than 41% of people have been caught jerking off. Yeah, you are not alone!


Men masturbate on an average for 12 times a month whereas Women masturbate on an average for 5 times a month. (Little low, isn’t it?)


Masturbation makes you better and more confident in bed 😉


There is no ‘Too much’ in masturbation unless it’s interfering your routine lifestyle i.e. work hours etc.

We obviously enjoy it. So why not own up to it. And for the teen’s out there, you are not doing anything bad, just get more knowledge and know what you are doing.

Love Yourself (IYKWIM) 😉

Loves Everything, except Humans.