An Open Letter to Parents From Teenage Son

An Open Letter to Parents From Teenage Son

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Dear Mom & Dad,

I am writing this letter because there are few things I wish I could say to you face to face. These are the things every teenage son like me wishes that they could tell his parents, but there are always some limitations. So here I go, there are few things that disturb me, not about you, not by you, but life, it is not as complicated as it seems, but for now, I feel like it hates me, I feel like it throws so much on me, which makes me feel that I suffocate, but I know that time will flow, life will be good, and the problems I think I am facing right now, will be nothing in front of the life I am going to have in the future.

I want you to know that there are a lot of people out there like me, people with different interests. I try really hard, to do what you ask me to do, to top my class and leave everyone behind. But all I can do is ‘try’. I want you to stop comparing me with Sharmaji’s son. He might be ahead of me in studying, but there are things in which I can excel, I just need some time to find it.

Mom, not all my friends are my enemies. Yes, some people ditch, while the others teach us something, either by staying with us or by leaving us. Not everyone in the world wishes for me to drop down from the ladder I am climbing. If so, I will learn as I grow.

I want you to know that I am well aware of the changes in my body that I am going through, I am completely aware about ‘sex’. I know a lot more about ‘sex’ than you think I do. But only thing that bothers me is you running away from such topics, I want you to understand that I KNOW, and we don’t have to turn our faces whenever a kissing scene comes on screen.

I know I fight a lot with you guys, I shout, and hurt you with the things I say. But there are times I get hurt too, by what, even I don’t know! I know you expect me to behave like a grown up and take responsibilities, and I am ready for that, all that is left is for you to trust me. Trust me, that I am capable of handling small and big responsibilities. Trust me that I won’t turn out to be a bad bully. Trust me that I won’t be a guy who would use or abuse girls.

Mom, you have taught me beautifully in my growing years, to treat the opposite sex with respect and dignity. So trust me that I won’t forget what you taught me. I had a girlfriend, we broke up, then I had another, and so on, I knew none of them were the love of my life, and they knew this about me too.

You guys taught me to be honest, and I am trying to be. I’m not saying that I say the truth every time, I lie, a lot, and that is the truth. Every time, I smile while reading a message in my phone, it doesn’t mean that every time it’s a message from my girlfriend, sometimes, yes it might be.

I just want you to know that these years of my life, I am going to fight with you, I may say that I hate you, but please remember that I don’t mean it. I want you to fight back, don’t always give me what I ask for, don’t serve me things, make me earn it. Just don’t leave the other end of the rope. The rope in which we are at a tug of war. No matter what a shit child I am right now, just hang on, hang on to the other side of the rope, just don’t let me fall!

Please don’t give up on me, and never stop loving me. Your son will turn out to be a gentleman, and the best person that you wanted me to be.

I will always love you.

Love, your son

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.