Theatre and music dazzled the evening at Gujarat Literature Festival 2016

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Theatre and music dazzled the evening at Gujarat Literature Festival 2016

Ahmedabad: Giving a contemporary, modern twist to the renowned 17th century poet Akho Bhagat, Chintan Naik’s rock band ‘Chhappa Rocks’, gave a refreshing and energetic end to the 1st day of Gujarat Literature Festival, 2016. The show witnessed around more than 500 people attending the rock and rap rendition of the poet who was known for his satirical takes on society. Chintan wanted to influence the youth of today by ‘Chhappa’ of yester years and rock seemed to be the best medium to engage this generation.

Akho has written more than 700 ‘Chhappas’ and the rock band of Chintan Naik performed 15 of them including a performance on poems of Pritam Bhagat, Ganga Sati and Sant Kabir. A special introduction of Akho Bhagat and his works was done by Prof. Kirtida Shah.

Manoj Joshi in his session ‘ From Adpodara to America’ wooed the audience with his impactful solo performance from his upcoming production. Addressing the theme of big American dream of Gujaratis, Joshi plays more than 50 characters in his upcoming play. At GLF, he gave a theatrical trailer of his soon to launch play.

This is the 4th edition of Gujarat Literature Festival, a five day long literary festival that started in the city from 14th December 2016.

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