Top 10 Soups to Try

Top 10 Soups to Try

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Ok, so you have a craving for something but you just don’t know exactly what for. You think of eating some good food but you you’re not really in the right mood. Now, what do you do in these circumstances? Damn right, you can always have a soup. There is no time such as bad time for guzzle down soup. May it be a simple tomato soup or the most convoluted of all the soups. Here are top 10 soup recommendation for you.

1. Tomato soup

Tomato Soup Ingredients

This is the hot steaming evergreen legendary soup consumed by all throughout the globe. This soup contains bright red tomatoes (obviously) and is the recipe being prepared since ancient times. This delectable dainty encompasses onions, a spoon or two of tomato ketchup sometimes, sprinkled pepper, salt, onions, turmeric and a little bit of ginger is added and boiled in hot water! It evens out to a coarse liquid possessing a soothing aroma!

2. Fanesca

Fanesca Soup Ingredients

Emanated from Ecuador, this soup is famous for being consumed some time before Easter arrives! It’s a beautiful tradition! This mouth-watering soup includes fig leaf gourd, pumpkin and multiple kinds of grains. According to the disciples of Jesus, the grains should be of 12 different types! This is one of the most distinctive soups and is cherished globally!

3. Gazpacho

Gazpacho Soup Ingredients

This adored Spanish soup is a pure vegetarian delicacy. The soup is enjoyed in the summer times particularly in the region of Andalusia in Spain and Alentejo and some other regions of Portugal. The constituents of the soup include fresh tomatoes, pepper, garlic, onion, olive oil, vinegar giving an awesome present your taste buds.

4. Gumbo

Gumbo Soup Ingredients

Although, the name might not sound American, this non vegetarian soup was originated in the region of Louisiana in the US in the 18th century. The prime ingredients are meat, bell peppers, celery and onions. There are several different medleys which are consumed in the various regions in the US and also around the world!

5. Harira

Harira Soup Ingredients
A very succulent soup originally consumed in Morocco. This is a non-veg delicacy and various versions of it prevail. The soup is concocted of lamb, Harira sauce, lentils, and chick peas. The meats vary as the regions differ but the love for the sauce remains the same!

6. Kimchi Jigae

Kimchi Jjigae Soup Ingredients
Is it a stew? Is it a soup? Well, it’s both! This is a beautifully assembled Korean delicacy made with tossing ingredients such as scallions, onions, diced tofu and pork meat. There are different varieties in which fish meats are often used instead of pork!

7. Minestrone

Minestrone Soup Ingredients

A beautiful traditional Italian soup made with a whole lot of Pasta, some onions, celery, carrots, and tomatoes. Sometimes, if you don’t feel like eating pasta, just toss the rice to get the trick done!

8. Miso Soup

Miso Soup Ingredients

The world famous Japanese soup which is made from fish broth, fermented soy and a traditional stock called ‘Dashi’. Depending upon the regional recipes many other ingredients are added as well as discarded to give a prefect blend of taste as needed.

9. Rassolnik

Rassolnik Soup Ingredients

A ravishing Russian soup that is often consumed to treat hangovers! It is a non-vegetarian soup consisting of kidneys of pork or beef, pearl barleys and pickled cucumbers. A vegetarian variant of the soup is also available just for the vegans.

10. Tarator

Tarator Soup Ingredients

It’s a unique soup really, which is served cold! This soup is lovingly consumed in the hot time of summer to keep the body temperature cool! This is usually consumed by the people in eastern part of Europe and is mostly prepared by walnuts, garlic, yogurt, cucumber, herbs, and vinegar. There are many variations where lemon juice is used rather than vinegar and tahini is used instead of using yogurt.

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