Transform Education to Transform India

Transform Education to Transform India!

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Education system in India is somewhat traditional, right from pre-school, people stand in a queue with minimum of Rs.15,000 in their hands and opinion comes from dissection of past and future  and a horse run, not understanding the need of children, you gotta read what you read and this ends with a uniformity and children tends to continue the marathon with a narrow scope and family status. Why don’t parents give them space to breathe?

  1. Need to give free of cost education and provide fun and buffet type of education.
  2. Let them have their own interests to pursue.
  3. Give them a break and create some space and ask children what they like, not what parents like.
  4. Motivate their craziness and support them with lots of straight forward messages.
  5. Don’t force them or initiate them with your laws, let them work on their own laws.
  6. Please do educate them properly with discipline and happiness, don’t allow them to enter into a world of STRESS.
  7. Love your child, they are pearls, trust them not their horoscopes so that they loose their hopes.
  8. Teachers need to support, not get irritated. Complaints again and again spoils the mood of a child, they don’t know the after effects of criticism.
  9. India is liberal, else I would suggest children to blame teacher for not being on time for the money their parents pay, ridicules. A child comes late and teacher marks absent in primary to college days, what is good for a teacher coming late? Excused? I have come across many staffs in my lives and felt very hard at them. Law is a law for you, i and every citizen.
  10. Teachers forget a topic and scolds a student for no reason for a long time. Great sense of humor. Those days must be erased.

Hope for a transforming education, compulsory free education, transforming India.