Things That Made Us Realize That We Aren't Teens Anymore!

Things That Made Us Realize That We Aren’t Teens Anymore!

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Remember those days when you wanted to be a grown up and responsible, when you wanted to be an adult? And now you are finally a grown-up, an adult, how does it feel sucker? Didn’t see it coming did ya? Well, to be serious, this is pretty normal that when we are at office we miss home and when we are at home, we miss our office time. Same happened with being a child, to becoming a grown up! We had such a bad, crazy urge to become an adult, and when we are finally an adult, we wish to be like children again! So we gathered a few things that made us realize that we aren’t children anymore, have a look and try not to cry!

1. We are ashamed of asking money from our parents.

Well, this is an obvious one, when we were children it was really easy to ask ‘Papa 10 Rupees Do na’ and today we don’t need 10 Rupees, we need more, and we don’t ask our parents for it. We try to make it out on our own. We can’t, and we feel ashamed.

2. Utter Honesty. (Literally ZERO)

Ab dikhti hi kahan hai? We lie, a lot. We are so much talented that we can lie about anything in an instant. When we were children, it was so easy to say everything that was on our mind, even to our parents. But now? “Kal raat kahan tha?”… “Maa, dost ke ghar!” but we were busy making out with our girlfriend/ boyfriend.

3. No more Christmas Special Cartoons.

Each and every cartoon series featured a special episode on Christmas, with our beloved Santa in it. We loved it so much, It was our holiday! The whole freaking days were spent watching Tweety and Granny plan gifts and Jhonny Bravo forgetting to send list to Santa. It was beautiful. Well, now, such occasions don’t take place, atleast in our life.

4. Outdoor Games, we miss you!

It feels like they don’t even exist for today’s generation. Every day after school, we used to go out to play Hide & Seek, Daud Pakad, Cricket, and during summer vacations, Badminton was the KING! Now, we have our beautifully cursed Apps in our smart phones, which are apparently smarter than us.

5. Porn and Lust!

Watching and enjoying porn was when we realized that we are not children anymore. Porn brought the biggest twist of our life. It actually taught us what ‘sex’ was and some of us started thinking that it was the most important part of being a grown up! When we were children, people of opposite sex were just another normal friends, and now either they are our future relationship partner in process or FWB or actually a genuine friend. In-short, sex brought many variations in our life.

Everyone is a child, everyone has an inner child hidden beneath us is what crap people tell us. The only difference was innocence, and finding innocence beneath us, is really hard.

Feel this list was incomplete? Complete it by sharing your points in the comments section below!

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.