10 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are Better Than Love Marriages

10 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are Better Than Love Marriages

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The shehnaai, the elaborate jodas, the family photos, the first meets along with family, the initial shyness, the anticipation, the thousand questions- remind you of a wonderful festival, na? Because an arranged marriage is no less than a festival! Here are 10 reasons why we think arranged marriages are better than love marriages:

1. Mummy-Paapa ka Approval Stamp!

From choosing your education to your clothes, from your upbringing to your sanskaar, can you argue that your parents could’ve raised you better? When all their choices were near-perfect, why not trust them on one of the most important decisions of your life? He/She comes with a parents’ approved stamp!

2. Your “Vivah” khwaab comes true

Remember the movie with the adorable Shahid Kapoor and the beautiful Amrita Rao? Those stolen glances, those teasing by your loved one, the gifts and getting to know each other, didn’t we gush and “aww”ed at the cute couple’s journey? Shahid Kapoor has yet again, quite recently convinced everyone for an arranged marriage with his gorgeous bride Mira Rajput- Arranged marriages are the new trend!

3. Big Fat Indian Weddings

When everyone in the family agrees on the bandhan, it’s time to turn it into a big fat party! With a reason for everyone to celebrate (from food to dance to music to flirting with the other side), it’s when all the important people in your life get together for your wedding- Can it get any better?

4. Kanyadaan

Kanyadaan is a father’s privilege- Filmy dialogues apart, every father looks forward to the tearful day when he gives his daughter away to her groom- while not all love marriages have that, the arranged marriages guarantee it!

5. For the shy and the busy people

For the ones who were too shy to talk to girls or boys in their adulthood (though these are rare nowadays) to the ambitious ones who have no time to date or fall in love, too busy with their first love- their work (too common nowadays), the parents come to rescue! Arranged marriages are literally a boon for them.

6. Maa-Baap ka aashirvaad!

People like me can solely have an arranged marriage based on the fact that it’ll guarantee the blessings of my parents- jab exam ke pehle, janamdin ke avsar par, we seek their blessings first, why not prioritize on our wedding day?

7. The thrill of knowing each other after commitment

Unlike those daily soaps where the marriages are forced but we all know, the hero-heroine are going to fall in love, ours might not be dramatic, but equally thrilling! Imagine someone loving you enough to marry you first, followed by getting to know you- haven’t heard of it in the recent times, have we?

8. Fact- it has worked for our parents

For those stories you’ve heard about the first meet, the apprehensions and the leap of faith that your parents took, the grandparents retelling the story from their POV, to their successful bond today- how you smile every time you look at your parents. Their not-so-perfect fairy-tale romance to their perfect marriage, it convinces you to take a leap of faith of your own.

9. Ideal partner search

We aren’t the Shaadi.com generation- we are the Tinder generation- we believe in dates instead of meetings, flings instead of something permanent- Permanent Roommates over Pavitra Rishta-  until we reach the stage of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata hai?” When our ideal partner is someone larger than life- preferably fictional- it’s much saner if we just hand over the choice to our parents.

10. Higher level of adjustment

When you do not know the person, and when you both have trusted your parent’s decisions and got into this great bond- you tend to look for a higher level of adjustment that comes into knowing one another, along with no blames and lesser fights. For the greater good of family or yours, this point makes the point solid that arranged marriages work better than love marriages. Keep falling in love and keep dreaming of your wedding, people!

[Photo Courtesy: Shubh Aarambh]

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