10 Things To Do Before You Get Married

10 Things To Do Before You Get Married

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We see weddings happening all around us. Sometimes we get nervous about our own wedding instead we should enjoy our time and try out things that we have not done. These experiments will change our point of view as we tend to become aware of what is wrong and what is right.

We live in a big world which means there are infinite thing to do. This guide will help you what all you may need to do before you get married. Here is our list of 10 things to do before you get married. Go ahead and try them out! Have fun. 🙂

1. Travel with your girlfriends

Go on a road trip with your friends and enjoy your time. Share some secrets with your friends. Travelling will teach you make you refreshed and it will also help you clear your head.

2. Live alone

This will definitely teach you how to take care of yourself and be independent. If you are skeptical about living alone then you should find a roomie! Learning how to run a household on your own is very important.

3. Learn to cook

This does not include “Maggie”. Your in-laws will always ask you if you know how to cook Aloo Gobi 😉 Learn to make at list one dish perfectly. Once you get the confidence, you will be eager to learn more dishes.

4. Workout

Hit the gym, get fit and in shape. I know most of you are happy the way you are but it is not only healthy, but you can wear sexy little blouses on your wedding. Show off that sexy abs that you have worked so hard on.

5. Party

Go to parties with your single friends and have your time. Once you are married, you will always go to parties with your significant other and if you go alone then people will ask you why he/she is not with you.

6. Fashion Experiments

Try a new hairstyle, change your clothing sense! It is so much fun…you gotta try this out. If you have long hair go for a short hairstyle, see what looks better on you after all Coco Chanel quoted “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Be crazy before your man and his family pour in their disapproval.

7. Complete you education

This is one extremely important thing you need to do before you get married! Complete your post graduation or PhD; it is much easier to complete studies before you get into a new responsibility.

8. Date

You need to dip your feet in the sea before you settle for your very own swimming pool! Try out a dating website or application before you jump on a matrimonial website. It is definitely fine to get your heart broken. This will teach you the value of relationships and how much they matter in life. It will teach you what went wrong and how you can prevent them from happening again.

9. Looks are not everything

Looks do not matter as much as your personality does! Having a positive approach in life is one thing that makes you attractive. This approach should always be within you and people will always remember you. Your face will be beautiful as long as you are young but the nature will be beautiful lifelong!

10. Start saving money

Splash into your dream job and start saving money that that one Bollywood lehenga! Saving money is a good thing as you will learn the value of money too. You will realize that nothing in the world comes for free.

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