This is How A Molestation Victim Gave Befitting Reply to The Molester!

This is How Bengaluru Girl Taught Lesson to Her Molester!

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We all know what happened in Bengaluru on new years eve. We all saw tens of footages and posts of the shameful incident of mass molestation. But amidst all these negative stories, here is a positive one. A guy tried to grope this girl named Chaitali Wasnik, thinking she is just another girl who’ll get suppressed by man. But she didn’t know what was coming. Chaitali gave befitting reply to the molester. A lesson which he will never forget his entire life. Check out the post she shared on Facebook.

Chaitali Wasnik’s Facebook Post

Bengaluru Mass Molestation

Ladies, we appeal you to neither get scared nor get suppressed by molesters. And to all the men out there, we appeal you to step up, save girls and teach molestors a lesson when you see something like this. Let’s not keep quiet. Let’s stop this from happening together.

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