10 Signs That You Have Found Your BFF

10 Signs That You Have Found Your BFF

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They say that a friendship which lasts for over 8 years, will last a lifetime. Here are 10 signs that suggest you’ve found your friend for life, your BFF.

1. Transition from friend to family.

They move from being your “new friend” to “good friend” to “best friend” to “family”. You treat them like your sibling, and they know your home and you, better than you.

2. Not being able to define them.

You find it difficult to define them when someone asks them about you- where do you begin from? Do they mean to ask about your physical appearance, or your views on the new TV series online? As your best friend turns from your view of them to a complete, 3D person, you find it hard to fit them into words.

3. Not many things they do surprise you.

Nope. Expected.

4. No judging

You do not judge them as they try on new things- as what are you going to do by judging them, anyways? It is impossible to be offended as you care about each other too much for that, so you listen instead of analyzing their talks.

5. Their family becomes your family.

Their parents treat you like their own son/daughter as you share feelings with them. Their siblings turn into your own as you plan birthday parties and surprises together. You are expected at their family occasions and events, and can identify their distant relatives by name. Need we say more? Their family adopts you as their own.

6. Distance ceases to matter.

Long distance relationships? Please, give us something more challenging. My best friend and I have a 9-year (and counting!) friendship, and she has moved countries in the past, and will continue to do them in the future. We have both been busy to talk without days as we are burdened with stuff. But does that stop us from being connected? Nope. As soon as you and your best friend start talking again, it’s like you never stopped!

7. The concept of space

The “comfort line” or “personal space boundary” expands to include both of you in a cozy circle, as you bundle up like lovers in a blanket on a winter morning. It may sound romantic, but that’s how comfortable you are with each other!

8. New friends

Sure, you make new friends, but they are the ones you tell your best friend about, to convince both of you that you have a life apart from each other. You judge people together, no person barred. If she doesn’t like your new friend or if you don’t like hers, consider them old news soon! While each of you grow, and mature in your own ways and have different friends, true friendship transcends all of it.

9. Expectations

You expect the world of them, you expect nothing of them. The expectations move from birthday gifts to plans. You have already decided that she is going to organize your bachelorette party, and your baby shower! You’ve already decided what you’re going to wear at her wedding, and how are you going to raise your kids together. Priorities, you know?

10. Adjustments

The little things do not matter anymore, as you save for her perfect birthday gift and she travels to meet you. You adjust around her new boyfriend, she adjusts around your new friends, your distance, your means of communication- everything is adjusted to keep the bond intact. Because it is, after all, a friendship that is going to last forever!

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