10 Signs That You Are Suffering From Depression

10 Signs That You Are Going Through Depression

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When a person feels sad and lonely they do not actually understand what to do. Feeling depressed is not bad. It is just a phase in our life which I am sure everyone might have been in. Being depressed happens when one has been rejected in life, struggles a lot but everything in vain, has hurt their self-esteem and so much more.

Here are some things we see when a person going through depression:

1. Sadness

Nothing that happens to you makes you laugh or at list smile. It feels like you do not know how to smile and that there is no word such as happiness.

2. Irritation

You get irritated at petty things. This makes you become rude in front of other people and you tend to close all your doors towards people.

3. Lost

As you cut off contact with your near and dear ones, you become lonely and lost. People around you want to help you out, but as you have distanced yourself from them, they fear that if they try helping you a bit the consequences may not be good.

4. Apathy

You have become feeling less. All you think is about yourself. You become selfish and rude.

5. Sleep

You tend to lose on sleep as you go in an over thinking mode. During the day, you find yourself to be so tired and this makes you sleep all day.

6. Appetite

You start eating less and this can be seen in your body. You start to lose weight without even realising it. If you are a foodie, people will wonder how you have been avoiding food.

7. Alcohol

You start drinking more than before. You have no control on yourself and so you start doing whatever you want too. If you have many glasses of alcohol after work, it means that the reason is not that you had a bad day at work.

8. Social Network

You stay glued to you Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social accounts. You feel that in the real world you lack the benefit of being considered important and so you use the online world to escape from their thoughts and feelings.

9. Hygiene

You stop taking care of yourself and this lead to you being unhygienic. You avoid having showers on regular basis and that also means to do not change your clothes daily. You also stop combing you hair and you start looking dull and messy.

10. Delays

As you have become lazy, you start delaying in your work. You are unable to concentrate on the work that is given to you. You also start lacking confidence in yourself and hence you start developing negative thoughts about yourself.

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