20 Tweets Only A True Introvert Can Relate To!

20 Tweets Only A True Introvert Will Relate To!

You’re here reading this article proves that you’re an introvert. Remember last time when you pretended to check your phone to avoid talking to a long-lost school friend at a public place? Remember when you cancelled going to a gathering just because too many extroverts were also coming? Well, you are not alone. I can totally relate to you. Here are twenty tweets curated by Mihir Ved and Daood Siddiqui which are true af for all introverts. Have a look.





















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Nishit Jariwala

Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.

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20 Tweets Only A True Introvert Can Relate To!

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