10 Reasons Why Snape Was The Real Hero

10 Reasons Why Snape Was The Real Hero

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While I have always been a hardcore Jily Shipper (my favorite fanfic was the post on Amortentia- comment if you remember so I know I’m not the only one!), Snape, well, had his qualities. This led me to wonder one day- why had Harry decided to name his most important son (according to The Cursed Child) Albus Severus Potter? He might’ve made his place in Harry’s heart forever, after all that went down between them. This led to me making a list to list down 10 reasons to justify this- Here’s presenting, 10 reasons why Severus Snape was the real hero!

1. He never stopped loving Lily.

“Always”- we begin by acknowledging how he immortalized this word. It was the next big thing after “Okay?” “Okay.” He never stopped loving his Lily. Even when she loved James. Till his last breath. He got the nickname “Snily” trending.

2. He never sought acknowledgement.

For all the protection he gave Harry was in private, like his love for Lily. Even when Harry had serious suspicions about his character and he had us all convinced in the first novel itself that Snape was the real villain (Remember Quirrell and his menacing laugh at this?), Snape never batted an eye.

3. He fooled Voldemort while climbing up the ranks to be his most trusted man.

Snape was probably the most respected (if not trusted) Death Eater in the ranks, as he didn’t seek to flattery like Bellatrix Lestrange, nor was he fishing for approval like Lucius Malfoy. While it is revealed in the last book/movie that he was, all this while, rooting for Team Dumbledore, he certainly had managed to fool the Dark Lord himself! That is a feat worth appreciating.

4. Remember him meeting Lily for the first time?

I remember the grass, I remember Petunia teasing her for being a witch, calling her a freak. I remember him making leaves fly, just to hear her laugh. He comforted her that day for the first time, as he explained that she’s special. It was the beginning of a long love.

5. His Patronus was a doe.

The protector in the deepest of times, whom you call upon when your soul is getting sucked out of you- his was a doe. Literally, in the time of worst dangers, his only solace and strength lied in the memory of Lily.

6. His Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy.

The day Voldemort “enlisted” Draco, Narcissa came to Snape for help. And even though he didn’t have to, he gave his word, an Unbreakable vow to protect Draco.

7. He never fought James.

Despite being equally talented and excellent at Potions (He was the Half Blood Prince, remember?), he never sought to hurt James for taking away his love. Sure, he hated him from the bottom of his heart, but he never tried to actively harm him.

8. He killed his greatest mentor when he told him to.

Caution: This one requires a great amount of guts. To save “the boy”, he needed to make Voldemort be able to fully trust him. And when Dumbledore explained that killing him was the only way to do that, also, it would protect Draco, he killed him. While some may see this as a cruel move, some, brave.

9. His last wish.

His last wish was to see Lily’s eyes once more- he called Harry closer so that he can die with those eyes staring at him. Such a simple, yet meaningful death wish- didn’t our hearts break for him just a little at that moment?

10. He didn’t need to save Harry- He chose to.

With Lily Potter gone, and Harry being the son of James Potter as well, he had no obligation to protect him. But when Albus Dumbledore explained to a teary-eyed Snape that Voldemort is going to come back and Harry will need protection, he willed himself to protect him. This choice, this selfless choice, made him the hero he is recognized today.

Apart from those ten reasons, we cannot deny the fact that when Harry goes into Snape’s last memories, and all the events that show what really the man was- had been all along- it can manage to make anyone emotional. Here’s to the unsung hero, the one who is remembered for his undying love and faith and loyalty to his doe. Here’s to Severus Snape.

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