10 Things That We Absolutely Love About Winter

10 Things That We Absolutely Love About Winter

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While some (pessimists) tag it as the cold, slow weather that they dislike (who asked for your opinion anyways?), most of us are looking forward to getting bundled up and cradling hot cups of coffee in our jumpers. Here are 10 things we absolutely love about Winter.

1. Cute Hoodies

With witty quotes that make you smile on them, hoodies can make just about anyone look cute. And the hot alternative to it- Leather Jackets- work as fine in the weather as well! It is the chance to up your style quotient as you pull all those snuggly clothes out and parade them proudly!

2. Soup

Tomato? With little pieces of bread in them? Or would you rather have Cream and Onion, or Mixed Vegetable? Those hot liquid drinks not only give you warmth, but also can be convinced to be food! Be it homemade or powder-waala, we’re looking forward to having soups back on our shelves, Winter!

3. Winter Fashion

While for the Potterheads, it is the chance to get out their favourite scarves of their houses and proudly parade them, the rest of us love those cute socks, parkas, and beanies! <3 Earmuffs and royal shawls, mittens and jackets- you can even take everything you like and wear it all together! Winter gives you a chance to wear as many clothes as you like- Remember Joey from FRIENDS as he bundled up in all of Chandler’s clothes?

4. Chances at cozying up to your loved ones.

You cannot miss memes about this one- the boyfriend convincing the girlfriend to wait until winter is over to break up- because it is cold! While you may call it “preserving body heat”, your crush cannot call you out as you simply get warmer! The favorite season of couples, Winter works like your perfume and toothpaste ads here- gets you closer! Go on, cozy up!

5. Bonfires

While we enjoyed “Sham” from Aisha, bonfires are usually pictured with either horror stories, or beautiful music with a handsome man who can both sing and play the guitar! What better opportunity to bond than over music? Many food places host bonfires- grab this chance to make some nice memories.

6. Cozy Blankets

Those thick blankets that get warmer with your body heat, and are the most perfect thing in the morning when your alarm clock blasts to get you up for work. They become your favorite Hello and hardest Goodbye during this time, and even have cute little patterns on them! Get them out of the storage and bulk up your bed, as Winter is Coming!

7. Early Mornings, Early Evenings

While we are rudely made aware of early mornings when we wake up to see that it is still dark outside, we smile in the evenings as it gets dark sooner and we can go home and put on out PJs! Days get shorter and nights get longer- a perfect reason that winter is the perfect season- you get to sleep more.

8. No Reason to Shave your legs!

All the girls would cheer at this one- here comes the season of track pants and jeans- and goodbye skirts and dresses! No more shaving your legs because it is too hot outside to wear jeans, and you welcome layers of cloth as it hides your growth of hair! Even long sleeved tops give you the perfect excuse- as winter means lesser trips to the parlour and more freedom!

9. Christmas

The season of magic. Santa Claus. Carols. Snowflakes. The general feeling of gratitude and happiness all around- as you dress up in red and white and greet everyone to the countdown to New Years’- what is a better reason to look forward to Winter?

10. Winter Pounds

You reason with yourself that more food means more protection against the cold- and happily eat all those sweets specially made for winter! Telling yourself that summer would make you lose all your gained weight in sweat, you bulk up to delicious food in the season <3

Other reasons include scented lotions (which smell like caramel and rose and all things lovely), heaters (god bless them), brisk walks and fresh, fresh air; the perfect excuse to not bath in the mornings as you don’t smell and sweat anyways, to many more. What is the thing you’re looking forward to the most as we welcome winter?

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