Movie Review Carry On Kesar

Movie Review: Carry On Kesar

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Annie is a fashion designer in a Paris based fashion brand. Film opens with Annie convincing her boss and colleagues to introduce Bandhani, Patolu and other  traditional Gujarati textile art in their brand. After having successfully convinced her boss, she comes to Jamkhambhaliya (India) to learn the art from Kesar Patel (played by Supriya Pathak). Kesar Patel, who was once an award winning designer, had shut down her factory 20 years ago due to an incident. Shyamji Patel and Annie wish to restart the factory which is closed since last 20 years. While all this, Annie realizes that Kesar had a desire to have a child and she still does, she along with Shyamji convince Kesar to have a child with IVF technique. Will Kesar and Shyamji have a child? Will Annie succeed to restart Kesar’s factory? To know the answers, you will have to watch latest Gujarati film Carry On Kesar.

Based on Gujarati play ‘Baa Ne Gher Babo Avyo’, Carry On Kesar is a beautiful social comedy film written and directed by Vipul Mehta. Old age parenthood is considered as a stigma in our society. And Carry On Kesar tries to change it. Supriya Pathak and Darshan Jariwala are heart of the film. Supriya Pathak’s debut in urban Gujarati cinema couldn’t be more perfect. Even supporting actors Arachan Trivedi as Odha Kaka and Amish Tanna as Jiglo (Jignesh) have given noteworthy performances.

The film is written brilliantly with perfect pinch of comedy and emotions. Dialogues of the film by Ankit Trivedi and Bhumicka Trivedi are icing on the cake. Cinematography by Pushkar Singh is very beautiful, treat to eyes. Music of the film by Sachin Jigar is remarkable. ‘Kaalja No Katko’ will instantly make a place in your playlist. Background score of the film is also impressive unlike other Gujarati films. Carry On Kesar excels in all technical aspects.

First half of the film is fast-paced whereas in second half, the film slows down. Second half had couple of insignificant scenes which could have been avoided.

Overall, Carry On Kesar is a decent Gujarati film which deserves to be watched and appreciated. Watch it for performances. Watch it for flawless direction. Watch it for music. Go and watch Carry On Kesar with your family.

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One liner review

Flawless direction, crisp writing, stellar performances and impressive music make Carry On Kesar one of the must watch Gujarati films.

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