Engineering was never made for me, I abhor this mad rat race!

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Engineering was never made for me, I abhor this mad rat race!

One day while I was walking with my mother; I met an acquaintance of mine boasting about her son, being an orthopedist. My mom replied instantly that ‘your son will repair broken bones but mine will repair broken souls’. Well, leaving behind the comfort and the essence of my hometown Lucknow, I came to Delhi to pursue engineering. Engineering was never made for me, I guess. I just abhor this mad rat race but strained financial condition made me do engineering. May be the destiny wanted that. Managing my zeal for music and academics isn’t a cup of cake but I still have the magnetizing driving force inside me for music. Nothing has driven me away from it. I always believe that you must push your limits hard and do what you’re meant for. Never let your dreams die. Never ever!

(Courtesy: Humans of Galgotias)

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Nishit Jariwala
Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.


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