Puppy therapy to overcome stress?

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Puppy therapy to overcome stress

When I was in the final years of my law program, two puppies were sent to our campus to help students coming from different parts of this country; to overcome homesickness. I couldn’t merely digest this fact so I started Googling and then I came to know about Puppy Therapy. This idea seemed so fascinating that it made us to start the Fur Ball Story. In puppy therapy, we actually use special therapy dogs that can sense emotions and interact with 200 people in a day without being irritated. Although this is a business start-up, I am not seeking for any funding right now. Seeking funds will make me obliged and I don’t want so. I can’t see my ‘Coco’, ‘Muffin’ and ‘Angel’ working for endless hours. I am now liable to them for their lifetime.

(Courtesy: Humans of Galgotias)

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