Reasons why job at BuddyBits is really a Dream Job!

Reasons Why Job at BuddyBits is Really a Dream Job!

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Well, as you are reading this on our website, you may be indubitably transparent with the actuality that it is a digital media platform. As an artisan here, I thought, why not inscribe this one with my experience here for the people to know? So I decided to scribble a small forthright treatise about the flavor of the company in which I’m fondly melded!

So, my day starts at about 10, 11, sometimes 12. But generally, we start at 10-ish. Well, but for my part, I’d rather not comment anything about my timings. I’m more of a night owl, so it’s pretty much never fixed when I wake up and show up at work! And whenever I do wake up, after getting ready and everything, I clasp my invaluable bro, my laptop, and head straight to the office door! As I enter the office, I toss my laptop on the couch in the main room (most of the time it’s empty because the TV faces the other way. Yes, we have a TV too!) and without looking at anything, I linearly march towards the coffeemaker and the toaster in the galley! I then grab the TV remote and probably watch some football highlights while pleasurably sipping the hot coffee and munching on the bread (and it all still counts in my work hours)!

Then, there’s a group discussion time where we discuss about what needs to be done and what should we improve and how. Suggestions and ideas are taken from almost everyone! We sit on the floor eating, sipping coffee, leaning on the couch or sitting on a bean bag. It doesn’t matter how and what you do, unless we are all in the same room and present in the talks (yeah, mentally too)! You get to learn and know so many things in just a matter of few minutes. It helps you connect and bond with your colleagues! Then we talk about the subjects which we’ve been allotted, randomly blabber about blah-blah, laugh, surf FB, Twitter, watch videos and somehow end up writing beautiful articles in between before the lunch break happens! (and by the way, TV is on at all the time generally tuned to a music channel).

Now as far as lunch break goes, we prepare food in the kitchen area itself. You can have the most loved Maggi, bread toasts, prepare a sandwich for yourself and whatnot! The menu is legion! You can bring a tiffin too and if you don’t wanna do that, you get a properly sealed full-fledged lunch meal at an exceptionally scarce price. Speaking of employee benefits huh!

After thrusting loads of foods down your throats, you just don’t expect to directly rush to work, eh? So just for that sake, we’ve resting time too! The average age of our workforce is 23 and just as we do all at our homes, we loll on the couch, beanbags, setting two chairs together with your legs stretched and whatnot. So for a torpid bloke like me, apart from every other awesomeness the company has, it’s a heaven solely for this reason!

After this resting session, we get back to work and again talk, write a little and do zillions of things till the evening and have best of times along working! One of the multifarious best things is that if you cannot complete the work you’ve been delegated, you can do it from home and submit it before the end of the day! Hell, time doesn’t at all matter here. You can come and go anytime you want unless and until you’re getting the work done! It’s an absolutely beautiful experience working with the team at BuddyBits and we have a hell of a time laughing, singing and doing all kinda crazy stuffs that we call work after-all! And speaking of the money, I earn a fair amount for the work I do. I not proud or something, eh you know I kinda am. Hehehe. For the quality they bring out in me and let me work my way however, whenever and wherever as I feel.

And the best thing is we always fete the folks having congruent mindset like us. So if you wanna meld within our ménage and enjoy the mellowness of our workplace, try your fortuity here:

PS. We are looking for Business Developer, Content Editor/ Curator, Creative Writers, Social Media Champ to join us full time at our office in Surat.

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