Single Mother

I became single mother when my son was five months old!

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“Do I fulfil all your needs and desires?” This was the question my father asked me when I asked him about his salary. I reverted with a yes and then he said,”then the numbers don’t matter at all,”. My baba has always been my role model. I was his princess. He gave me the liberty to do everything and anything; provided I stayed in my limits. I grew up in a kind of ambience and we had nothing to be afraid of. We used to sit on the terrace after work, gaze at the stars and admire the scenic beauty of the river Hooghly that flowed nearby. Then as life moved ahead, I joined NIIT. Had NIIT not offered me a job as a trainer, I’d have been an economist. I took a chance with my job I had at NIIT and changed my profile altogether. In course of time, I actually started loving it because of the bond that this job enables me to form with the trainees and till date, I’ve never looked back.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. There are some decisions that I regret; like leaving NIIT. Had I been there, I could have been in a better position. My marriage wasn’t successful. I became single mother when my son was five months old. Being a single mom and fulfilling the role of both the father and the mother is difficult at times. Sometimes my son asks me questions like, “Maa, who is my father and where he is?” I’ve never hidden anything from him and as he has grown up, he understands. But at the same time, my son is only mine. Nothing bothers me much as my family and friends have always supported me and have never let me down.

I have learnt in life that ‘It’s important to take your own decisions and cherish the beautiful relations that you have and believe in your instinct.’

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Nishit Jariwala
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