10 People You Can Rather Spend Your Valentine’s with, If You’re Single

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10 People You can rather Spend Your Valentine's with, If You're Single

Let the theme of this Valentine’s be something that isn’t a cliché (says my single self). Nevertheless, if you’re one of those lucky people like me (depends on how you see it, right?), here’s a list of 10 people you can rather spend your day with:

1. Your parents

The loveliest people in your life- how often have they complained that you don’t have time for them? Go sit with them and bond over what you used to- be it old picnics, or long talks/walks, or over technology (ask them if they have any trouble using their latest gadget). It is a thoughtful thing to do, and something that’ll be the best thing you do this month.

2. Your siblings (Provided they’re free on that day!)

If he/she is not committed and does not have cringe-worthy romantic plans for the day, you both can go to the movies or spend the day shopping! Or even when at home, just going through the old family albums can bring you both back together if time has drifted you apart too.

3. Your pet

It’s time you give them attention apart from the morning scowls and the evening greetings (or the morning greetings and evening scowls- depends on who you are!) How about a nice dog spa?

4. Your old friends (Remember them?)

The ones who drifted away with time, the ones you treat occasionally with “Hey! Remember Me! You’re so busy these days!” Commit to them for once- catch up and reminiscence the old days.

5. Your ex-friends.

If the memory’s not too bitter, there are a few friends whom you left because of the circumstances at that time. If this is the right time, or if you’d like to make amends with any friend from the past, go ahead, do it!

6. Your neighbors.

In the modern era like ours, do we even know who our neighbors are? That aunty who keeps your keys when your parents aren’t home would love a chat. So would her daughter. Go ask them about their lives- get to know someone new.

7.  Your house.

I agree it’s not a person, but when was the last time you spent time alone in the house, just enjoying yourself? Clean it this Valentine’s- I agree it’s not romantic- but get a partner and work on your place for the day! You’ll agree it needs cleaning- plus, think of how better it’ll make you feel when you’re done!

8.  Your blind date.

Feeling adventurous? Go meet someone new! I agree it’s a bit clichéd, but surprise yourself if you’re feeling up for it!

9.  Your grandparents.

They’re cute, they’ll have lots of food, and amazing stories which’ll force you to imagine them as young people! Go get lost in the past for a while!

10. The person you admire.

And this need not be the guy/girl you’re crushing on! It could be your English language teacher who inspires you to write amazing poetry, or your librarian who always knows what you’d like to read next. It could be your Football coach, or your junior who’s full of energy and enthusiasm and would love to spend more time with you, and hey- even your employer! (I’m being optimistic here). Basically anyone who’ll inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

It need not be a girl or a guy- go have fun this Valentine’s with anyone who makes you happy! <3

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