I was in class 10th when my father passed away!

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I was in class 10th when my father passed away!

“I was in class 10th when my father passed away leaving all of us behind. I have always wanted to be like him. A media person and a social worker; my father held the position of GM at Dainik Jagran and used to write political columns in newspapers. He was and still very much adored all throughout Aligarh. Whenever I visit the marketplace with my sister, people ask us ‘Aap Sir ki Beti Ho Na?’ When my father passed away; me,my sister and my mother tried hard not to cry in each other’s presence and supported one another. His departure left our family in inexplicable pain and vacuum and in the midst of an unknown storm. This incident changed me forever. I learnt to cry with a big smile on my face. From being carefree, I began to value life and money. I remember when I was here to take admissions; I filled my application form on my own while my sister never had to do so. My father always made sure that he did everything he could for us and treated us like princesses. Had he been alive, I might have been doing journalism because I always wanted to be a journalist but now I eventually have developed an interest in data analytics and am moving towards my newly set goal.”

(Courtesy: Humans of Galgotians)

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