Gujarati movie Karsandas Pay and Use leaked before release!

Gujarati movie Karsandas Pay and Use leaked before release!

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Director Krishnadev Yagnik’s first movie Chhello Divas was leaked after release, and same happened with Gujarati movie Thai Jashe. Since then, filmmakers have strongly opposed piracy. But looks like troubles for Gujarati industry has not rested yet. Censor copy of upcoming Gujarati movie Karsandas Pay and Use has been leaked online even before the release! Yes, you heard it right.

Watch leaked copy of Karsandas Pay and Use

We, at BuddyBits strongly oppose piracy. Hundreds of people put their blood and sweat to make one film. And to save a hundred bucks we endorse piracy. We appreciate team of Karsandas Pay & Use for this innovative way to discourage piracy. A marketing lesson with a social message. Happy April folks! Don’t forget to catch Karsandas on big screens.

[Note: The released video is part of April fool prank. It is released by team of the film to spread awareness against piracy. The video has been removed by YouTube. The team has uploaded it again on Facebook.]

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