7 Things You Might Not Know About TED and TEDxSurat

7 Things You Might Not Know About TED and TEDxSurat

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Think you know all about TED? Even if you are something of a TEDxpert, we bet we can further your TEDucation.

Since the first conference over 30 years ago, TED has grown into a cultural phenomenon, changing the way we think, feel and exchange ideas. TED has branched out to now include special events, videos of TED talks, books, educational materials, a TED Prize and the appointment of TED Fellows. There’s also TEDx and that’s where TEDxSurat steps in. These are local independently curated TED experiences held all around the world.

Here’s 7 things that might surprise even the most fanatical of TEDsters.

1. TED is a whole lot more than Technology Entertainment and Design

Technology, entertainment and design were the foundation stones of TED. However, these days, like a great city, TED sprawls across a vast range of disciplines. On last count there are over 3000+ TED and TEDx Talks, so you’d be right in thinking that TED covers a lot of ground. You can look up pretty much anything, from bees to branding, jazz to genomes, politics to parenting. Think of it as a modern day encyclopedia, with stories from real people, sharing experiences that really make you stop and think.

2. You don’t have to be famous to be a TED speaker

Some TED speakers are well known to us all, but plenty are ordinary people with extraordinary stories and insights. People like young observer Ishita Katyal, social entrepreneurs Aditi Gupta & Pravin Nikam, renowned dancer Malika Sarabhai and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu have all given incredible TED or TEDx talks. TED recognizes there’s more than one kind of expertise. That diversity of speakers is a hallmark of the TED community.

3. TED Talks can change a life or change the world

TED talks can have a real impact on lives, laws and institutional practices. TED talks have helped inspire thousands of people across the globe and every talk that is delivered at the TED or TEDx stage goes online for the entire world to watch. TEDx extends its stage to a wider range of speakers around the world including several million more attendees.

4. The x in TEDxSurat = independently organized event

TEDx events are community-driven satellite conferences, organized under a free license and held in the same spirit of TED. Like TED, these events offer a diverse range of voices from many different disciplines. It’s the same deal on a local scale – inspired speakers, thought-provoking video and the valuable conversations these things provoke. TEDx has become a truly global movement enjoying exponential growth. Last year there were over 10,000 TEDx events held globally, held in town halls, slums, schools and opera houses from Paris to Mumbai, Tokyo to Surat.

5. TEDxSurat is one of the biggest TEDx events in the country

Indians have a lot of ideas worth spreading. General Thinker and TEDxSurat Curator Saurabh Pacheriwal has built TEDxSurat into one of the largest TEDx in the country with more than 1200 attendees and over 10 speakers. Held at the VNSGU Convention Center, TEDxSurat is now a regular event in India’s cultural landscape and their talks have amassed over 50 thousand views online.

6. TEDxSurat is a not for profit event, run largely by volunteers

TEDxSurat and its sister events around the world are all not-for-profit affairs. All of the money they raise goes into the running costs of the event itself. A small team of core staff coordinates the preparation year-round, and their community of volunteers helps to make it all happen on the day. It is their passion that makes the event possible. You can also volunteer for TEDxSurat.

7. TEDxSurat is for joining

There are a lot of seats in the VNSGU Convention Hall but it’s not always enough. Everyone who is interested in joining them on the day is asked to submit an application. The organizing committee reads every application, and actively curates the audience to ensure it reflects the full diversity of our community.

If you want to apply, first thing you need to do is register as a member of the TEDxSurat community. Applications are open now, so once you’ve joined, get drafting. Tell them how you are creating and spreading worthwhile ideas, and how innovation, creativity and new thinking are reflected in what you get up to. They want everyone in the audience to be able to have a fascinating chat with the person sitting next to them. That’s the goal.

Every TEDxSurat attendee as a part of the event gets a carefully curated gift bag which includes several articles from their partners as well as artifacts which will interest the attendees. Their gift bag curation team spends a lot of time building the right partnerships and finding the right elements which completes the holistic experience that they want the attendees to have.

Want to be a part of one of the biggest TEDx event?

Here are the event details:

To contact the team at TEDxSurat you can write at tedxsurat@gmail.com or ring them at 823 888 4900 or visit their website.

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