10 Things a Procrastinator Should Be Proud About!

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10 Things a Procrastinator Should Be Proud About!

If you’re a procrastinator and you’re reading this, raise your hands as you’re shirking responsibilities and wasting time reading “just-one-more-post” online! Well, contrary to those thousands of articles out there who help you “improve your productivity” and “prioritize your responsibilities”, this one, plainly speaking, will help you feel good about yourself! Here are 10 things you should be proud about:

1. Most inventive excuses

You don’t use the clichéd “The dog ate my homework” excuse! No, you did not do your homework because “my grandfather’s dog’s therapist’s daughter’s squirrel died and yes, it was tragic.”

2. Ability to remain positive in any hour

When all lose hope, you are the last man standing. Be it the D-hour of submitting assignments, or reaching a place in record time, we do not admit defeat until the time allotted has passed- even after that! People may find it inspiring, but you simply work just that way!

3. Appearances- you made it!

There have been moments where people have literally congratulated you for making it to their birthday parties and other gatherings- you may feel sheepish and promise yourself to keep in touch more often, but they know you better! Simple things like your presence make both the parties happy, so make as many as you can, okay?

4. Having amazing tolerant friendships despite yourself.

Having a low amount of public appearances and not picking up the call, it is a wonder you have friends! The ones you have, we know you’re grateful to have them, so let them know!

5. The state of being content.

You are happy with yourself, okay? You admire your way of maintaining decent marks and still being able to watch TV shows all night long! You prioritize- and still, when you manage to submit a kickass last-minute presentation in your class/workplace, you applaud yourself!

6. Dreams- we don’t stop dreaming them!

Despite being a procrastinator, it does not mean that we be content in our dreams! We have dreams as high as someone else- even higher! And we will achieve them- considering how we make do with the least amount of time and get the highest amount of output possible!

7. Having hundreds of ideas to pass time.

Staring at a wall is passé- I instead draw and colour in my books and make caricatures, fix everything in the house and have a one-hour long conversation with my mother when there is an exam the next day! Never short of ideas, are we?

8. Doing things in the easiest way possible.

Quoting Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Someone get him on the phone, where can I apply for this?

9. High amount of self-respect.

DESPITE low amount of friends, working in high levels of stress, almost non-existent social life, and people having low expectations of you, you manage to have an amazing amount of self-respect about yourself! Yes, you are positive and do things in the least amount of time possible taking the easiest route and still do it! Congratulate yourself!

10. The adrenaline rush!

When you do things at the last minute, can we call you an adrenaline junkie? Because the reason you are a procrastinator is because you simply cannot work without the stress of doing things in the last moment! The adrenaline rush is something you should be proud about- after all, it is what makes you work (Not many things can take credit for that)!

Got more? Take a few minutes to tell us- I can personally use more reasons to congratulate myself for being such a lazy being! Procrastinators unite! *makes a lame hand sign*

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