18 Signs of a Tea Lover

18 Signs of a Chai Lover

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Some people love tea so badly that they can have it infinite times in a day. They are ever ready to sip the whole cup of tea at any time. There are some signs from which we can know if a person is a tea lover or not.


A bed tea is a must at the start of the day. If they do not have this, their day turns out to be dull and boring.


The prefer making their tea by themselves and name it their special tea. The special thing here is the amount of ginger, milk, cardamom, mint or tulsi they add.


No matter how high the temperature rises during summer, they are always spotted with a hot cup of tea.


They will give you endless lectures on how beneficial tea is.


They love holidaying in hill stations as tea grows in hilly regions. Kerala and Sikkim are a hot favourite.


Out of all the friends, they are the rare ones who order tea at a coffee shop.


As there are varieties of teas, each tea has its own remedy. They are the best ones to seek help from.


Monsoon is their favorite season to have tea.


Tea lovers dislike traveling in trains as that is where pathetic and funny tasting tea is served.


By seeing the colour and smelling the tea, they can know how good or bad it is.


They have endless tea breaks while at college and the canteen is your favorite place.


They love making tea for your family and friends.


They have special feelings for a person who loves as much as they do.


Most tea lovers have tried out mostly all the different types of tea available in this world like Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Grey Tea, Chamomile Tea, and so much more!


Tea is the only drink that enlightens their day.


Picture of tea on Pinterest make them make tea for themselves.


They usually consider people who do not like tea to be unlucky.


You waited so much for this article to get over so that you could rush to the kitchen and make tea for yourself!

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