5 Things Money Just Cannot Buy!

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5 Things Money Just Cannot Buy!

This world is run by money and money runs in this world! Money is everything you need to survive in this world. Money comes even before food! Yes! you heard that right. Because, if you have it, you can buy any damn thing in the world like it was created by your guardians! Money has made people and this world extremely materialistic and have also ruined it to a certain extent. You can help a poor if you have money and also do good to the people in need. Everything that happens in a nation is solely for money, irrespective of it being good or bad. Money is the root and roof of everything good and bad. Money makes people humble and loving and also often make them arrogant, careless and inhuman. There are certain rules set in the society but then, the power of money bends them all! But, there are few good things left in this world which money just can’t even think of putting its hand on them. Here they are, read on!

1. Feelings

This is the purest form of humans and comes right form the bottom of the heart of humans. Not only human beings have feeling but every animal on this planet have them! No matter how rich or poor you are, you will have the same kind of feelings and feel the same way for something that you love or hate! Money can never change the way you feel. It may change your opinions temporarily, but in the end, you’ll be left with nothing but the need to achieve that thing that you weighed out just because of money!

2. Natural Beauty

Well, you may own a massive mansion or the tallest of the skyscrapers, but a simple mountain with lush greenery still beats you! Nature is something that is god’s property and money doesn’t have the audacity to affect it. You may plant some trees in your back yard or a garden, but trust me, it will not be as attractive as mountains, forests and valleys! You can surely build a house anywhere in this world but you cannot purchase the aura, charm and the feels which the nature gives you!

3. Weather

If you are a rich man or a poor man, if you are in the way of a charging tornado, it will blow you and your small huts or expensive mansions away with it! Money cannot buy weather or change it. Well, you may put on some air conditions in the room in summers but then, you will be left to strive for fresh air to breath! A rich man will feel the same chilly cold as a poor man and experience the same weather too wherever. Well, let’s hope the best for the aliens to come and not change this someday!

4. Health

The thing of utmost importance! Health is everything we have and everything we need to lead a happy life. If you have a zillion dollars and are bed ridden, you are as sad as a poor man with no food. And guess what, your money can’t help you with that either! Money can buy good facilities to help you keep healthy and fit, but if you are sick from a fatal disease or injured badly in a crash, suddenly prayers might work better than money!

5. Time

No matter how much heath conscious we stay, we know we have to go someday! We are just travelers passing through and there is no amount of money that can make you immortal, take you back reverse in time or make you insulated from the death! You gotta go when you gotta go, right? And there is nothing that can change this god’s rule! let’s hope that the time machine is on its way anytime soon!

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