5 Simple Ways To Be Optimistic

5 Simple Ways To Be Optimistic

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1. Never count on luck.

We all fail in life at some point or other and most of us tell themselves “I’m not lucky”. People who are lucky actually go out and meet good fortuity. They work hard for it and earn it! They meet multitudinous people and make numerous contacts increasing their odds to meet a soulmate, get a good business opportunity or find something interesting. It’s never the luck, it’s the hard work and the zeal that they put into, that finally pays off. It is one’s willpower, spirit of conquest, want of moving forward and the character to never lose momentum that gets them success.

2. Never stop learning.

Learning never ends. It is impossible to know everything. And even if you know it all, there is always more to know. The biggest con pessimists carry is the lack of curiosity. Due to absence of curiosity, they miss important opportunities to lean, discover new things or meet someone new. Optimist are always curious about everything they see and wanna know more about it. Curiosity is the bedrock of knowledge. When you are curious, you learn things, acquire skills which in turn broadens your spectrum of work and opens up multifarious different options. Thus, you progress and it keeps you exultant and optimistic.

3. Analyse things carefully.

Don’t worry take it easy! Don’t just take everything that happened to you by heart. Observe the things in a comparative way and look how others are doing under the same difficulties. You will realise how small your worries actually are and how big your head is making it. It’s not running away from the reality but it’s about keeping the worries at a place where it actually belongs. If you think this is not how it is, then check out and compare your story to the story of people who are on a war with fatal diseases but are still hanging on to the hopes of life by finding new reasons to survive every other day.

4. Adore the present!

Don’t dwell on the past. No matter how tightly you hold on, it already gone. Never whine about how things were better and now, they are just worse or it will get better in the future. Live the present, to the fullest. Because, it is never coming back and whatever you do today, it is gonna affect your future. So, why not be happy and do great things? It is the rule of happiness that it is always in the present. You just need to find it! You should always glean from the mistakes you made in the past and ameliorate. A renowned French philosopher said, “There is no point in hoping for what one doesn’t have without enjoying what one does have.”

5. Always think positive!

it’s a biological fact that by thinking positive, there is a good rapport between your heart and your brain. It benefits your vigour if you think positive because it accumulates all the emotions, joys, affection and satisfaction. There come numerous changes in your body when you are filled with bliss as your body releases all the beneficial hormones. When you smile your face gleams like a twinkling star in the darkest of the nights and you look good too! So always be happy, be positive and stay fit!

Naveed Dumasia
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