5 Rules Smart People Follow While Traveling By Air

5 Rules Smart People Follow While Traveling By Air

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You probably must not be even aware about the rules of flying. You probably wouldn’t even have heard of it before. Well it is not like some official rules and neither are set by the government or any other official authority. But these awesome ‘quick fixes’ have been invented by some really smart frequent flyers who face difficulties every time they board the plane. They have these some very basic rules of what a smart flyer should do while flying. So right from the smart flyers, we bring you the awesome rules smart flyers usually follow while flying!

1. Be quiet.

You’re travelling. You are not going to an amusement park. So all the excitement and the loudness in your voice is not at all appreciated. Always be as quiet as possible. Never play songs on speaker while you are airborne, at an airport or any public place. People don’t want to be blasted in the ears by the annoying treble the phone speakers are giving out to them unnecessarily. Always use earphones.

2. Be quick in everything.

You may be all excited to travel, but it may not the same with all the others. They may be desperate to get off the plane and meet their loved ones or go home ASAP. So from getting in to the airplane to getting out of it. do it quickly, it doesn’t mean you crowd the walking space between the seats and hurry in everything. It simply means you take it easy and wait for your turn. Once you get your turn, get over with whatever you’re doing as quickly possible.

3. The middle seat crisis.

Window seats are the ones to be filled first, next comes the isle seats and at last, the middle seats. But for the frequent flyers, it is the way around. They prefer to choose the middle seats first, and keep isle seats to their last choice. It is because they travel all the time and they prefer comfort over the widow or people rubbing against them on the isle seats. Middle seats offer two arms rests and trust me, it is as comfortable as it gets!

4. It is still a plane.

A plane is not at all your house. It is for everybody. You just can’t be gross, annoying, rude, dirty or do things that are inappropriate. You can’t eat, smoke, drink, carry things that smell, cry food, liquids or anything that may create difficulties for the people who are seated beside you. So make sure you behave accordingly.

5. Don’t stop in between of anywhere!

May it be a queue, chute, jet way or anything else, never stop in between. If you are walking and suddenly your phone rings up, stop aside to check your phone. If you are in a queue to get your boarding pass checked and you start to search for you ID, step aside. Whatever you do, just step aside while you are at it. People don’t like to wait and they certainly don’t care how much of a serious thing you are stopping for. Just politely ask the person ahead of you are behind you to hold your space for you if you don’t want to start all over again from the back of the queue.

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