10 Things You Should Never Say To An Amdavadi!

10 Things You Should Never Say To An Amdavadi!

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It is very confusing whether to call our city Ahmedabad or Amdavad, so we use both these names, whenever we wish to, coz Amdavadi, bitch! We Amdavadi’s connect with people all over the world to make new friends (and business reasons as well, meh) but situations change when people ask or say such stupid things that we are genetically forced to prove them wrong or stab them, whatever! Today we have summed up 10 things that you should never say to an Amdavadi, have a look…

1. Mojama, ane tame Joota ma.

An Amdavadi is always ready to do the sweetest gestures to make people all over the world feel welcome in our city. Asking “Kem Cho?” is the question not only asking “How are you?” but a simple welcome into our city. But then you answer “Mojama, ane tame joota ma”. We will kill you! Do not try to make such shit jokes! Either say “Majama” or shut up!

2. Gujju Songs are not good.

We have songs like ‘Daru Pidho’, ‘Bhai Bhai’ on which we dance at marriages, Navratri, and any other function you can think of! And… ‘Nayan ne bandh rakhi ne..’ for heartbreaks, and we cry so hard! And ‘Laadki’ is the one no one can ever forget! Our songs are awesome, your problem is you can’t understand it!

3. Bhai! Let’s hang out on 14th Jan! Where you at?.

“Mere ghar ki chat pe, Uttarayan manani ho to aaja! And we aren’t hanging out anymore!”

4. There is no place to study at Amdavad, you should prefer colleges outside Gujarat

IIM-A for Management, NID for Designing, GNLU for Law, MICA for Advertising, Ahmedabad Dental College for Dentistry, IIT-G for Technology, BJ Medical College for Medicine. What more do you want?

5. Rum, Vodka ya Whiskey?

Why dude? Why? Thodi General Knowledge Rakho!

6. Say something in Gujarati!

If I go to Mumbai, I won’t say ‘Say something in Marathi!” Not everyone in Gujarat is fluent in Gujarati, and Gujarati has many more sub-types. We can go from ‘Samajhto kem nathi’ to ‘Hamajto kem nai’ in few seconds, depends upon the city we are in!

7. Ghumne ki koi jagah hi nahi hai yar!

Don’t say this! Otherwise we would take you to Thol lake, let you see the sunrise, then push you into the lake, bring you back to Kankariya, try to drown you in that lake as well, and finally take you to Sabarmati Riverfront, click a few selfies, and then leave you there!

8. There is no Vadapav like there is in Mumbai.

Let’s go on a ride! We will start from Sabarmati, where we will go to Navrang and Maharaj for Vadapav, then we will go for Vadapav near HL and finally we will find Jay Bhavani which is present at every corner of Amdavad. Bhai, Bambaiya Vadapav bhool jayega!

9. Bhaiya kitne rupaye hue?

Don’t call a Amdavadi rickshaw-wala a ‘Bhaiya’, his immediate reply would be ‘Bihar ka nahi hu bhai, Gujarat ka hi hu’. Call him ‘Bhai’. He won’t get offended.

10. Aavjo!

Don’t try to imitate us, we are seriously delicate people, who would jump onto the ride if invited anywhere. And ‘Aavjo’ is not just a gesture, it is an actual invitation. So think before you even try Gujarati and don’t ‘Aavjo’ us if you don’t mean it!

We Amdavadi’s are the most awesome people you will ever meet (According to us!). Amdavad is a beautiful city to travel. Aavjo! But read this before you plan your trip!

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.