10 Reasons to Attend TEDxSurat

10 Reasons to Attend TEDxSurat

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TEDx is more than listening to people talk about their work. It is about the sharing of ideas for a single common goal: betterment of human lives all over; by the advancements in Technology, Entertainment & Design. It’s about enjoying yourself, meeting incredible people and discussing things that you always wanted to.

1. Be a part of something bigger.

A TEDx event is all about bringing people together from various backgrounds and interests to discuss ideas that have the potential to change the world in which we live. You are contributing to a movement and a platform for change that has an incredible reach. In fact, you’ll be part of an international community that reaches millions of people in hundreds of cities while connecting with 1000+ people from your local community discussing the newest trends.

2. The Theme: Build

A big part of a TEDx event, the Theme is a point of focus for the event organizers to work around, in terms of shaping the event’s identity. It doesn’t necessarily relate to what the Speakers talk about, but presents an ethos for the event. This year, TEDxSurat focus on Build. With three sessions: Building Perspectives, Building Future & Building Communities, TEDxSurat brings an elaborate platter of ideas.

3. Be surrounded by curious, brilliant people.

TEDxSurat presents an array of diverse and fascinating individuals that the Event brings together. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds and disciplines and share experiences that could change the way you think. The youngest attendee at TEDxSurat will be 11 years old and the oldest is 73!

4. Uniting world-class speakers with future greats

TEDx circle hosts a range of awe-inspiring Speakers, some very well known, some less so. TEDxSurat gives their audience access to some of the Speakers you most wish to see, whilst also introducing you to new faces and stories. TEDxSurat have a cultural restorer as well as local beat boxer as Speakers; the World’s youngest single father to adopt a special child and a Forbes 30 under 30 listee as well.

5. Hear a scientist and a Formula Racer speak on the same stage.

Scientist Dr. Srikumar Banerjee and India’s fastest woman Formula racer Sneha Sharma will grace the stage at TEDxSurat and share their ideas in front of the largest TEDx audience that Gujarat has ever seen.

6. TEDxSurat Gift Bag

The team at TEDxSurat works hard all year to curate a gift bag for its attendees to take home. This gift bag will contain various products and gifts right from authentic tea to beautiful stationery.

7. Even the breaks are great

The day is built to provide as many opportunities to engage as possible. So, even their breaks are jam packed with interactive labs, demos and spaces to network and explore ideas further.

8. Prepare for some wicked activities planned for you by our wonderful Partners!

TEDxSurat selects Partners for the Event who add to the it and make it both, more engaging and more fun for our attendees. Prepare for a day filled with awesome activities and surprises, courtesy of their Partners.

9. Largest TEDx event in Gujarat!

TEDxSurat is the only Standard TEDx Event in Gujarat, i.e. can host an audience of 100 or more. Multiple members of the TEDxSurat team have attended TED Events and Workshops and bring an incredibly wholesome TED experience right to Surat.

10. The conversation continues

The TEDx Event is just the beginning. The conversations that start at TEDx continue in social spaces, in salons and with meetings and discussions thereafter. The Event brings together people together who can go on to create new businesses and implemented change into local communities.

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For more info: www.tedxsurat.comtedxsurat@gmail.com or 823 888 4900.

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