Dear Best Friend, I've Been Meaning To Tell You..

Dear Best Friend, I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

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Dear Best Friend,

It might have been only a year since we met, but I have been meaning to tell you that you are the best of every person I know. I love you so much. You have always been there, in good or bad. I just want to thank you, for everything you have done for me.

I know that there is no ‘Thank You’ and no ‘Sorry’ in a friendship. But you are the one who taught me that these two words are the ones that save relationships, and there is no harm in saying them whether to friends, family or you.

Thank you for staying, when everyone was leaving. Thank you for teaching me that ‘you can be homesick for a person too’ and you are that person for me.

Thank you for guiding me to the stairs when I was waiting for the elevator to pick me up. Thank you for teaching me that I have to work for what I want, and no one is going to do that for me, not even you.

Thank you for becoming a co-author of my text messages for the girl I liked, teaching me how to flirt with her. But even she left, you didn’t.

Thank you for always being there for me, and expecting nothing in return. I know you also have cried to sleep at nights, I know even your heart has been shattered to pieces, I know even you need someone to just understand what you wish to say, without you saying it. I try to be that person, I always try. I am really sorry if I could not be what you are to me.

Thank you for listening; when everyone else was busy doing what they want, you left your work to listen to what I had to speak.

Thank you for handling me, at the times when I was going to break you became the person who was holding me together.

Thank you for making people question our sexuality, it’s always fun, always!

Thank you for always guiding me how to handle my life, even when you don’t have one. Get a life, asshole!

Thank you for handling my insults, and for insulting me. It made me realize that I am not above anyone, and there will always be someone to pull me down to the ground.

Thank you for becoming the greatest comic in the world, when you come in front of the girl I like, how do you make me hate you so much?

Thank you for keeping your cool, when I was being rude af!

Thank you for everything, and remember I’ll always love you.

Also, you’re an asshole and go fuck yourself!


Tera Baap

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.